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The QueueFeb 6, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I can see my house from here

Every time I think I’ve found the last of these Explorers League flags on top of mountains another one will randomly pop up. I haven’t checked any sort of list to see how many there are, it just feels like surely I’ve climbed enough mountains by now. Or, more accurately, spent minutes circling around the peak trying to get my dragon to land on a three-pixel landing spot.

I do appreciate the little nod to the Assassins Creed series with the little camera move around your character to take in the vista though. I think it would’ve been cooler if there had been an animation to do the “perched like a gargoyle” pose though.

While I hope there’s a bushel of hay to break my fall, it’s time for — The Queue.


*watches Alien for the zillionth time*
Even after all these years, I still notice stuff I hadn’t caught before.
I also kinda wonder about why a spacecraft doesn’t have a fire suppression system or at least an alarm that’d kick in when someone uses a flamethrower to set an android on fire.

What is there to burn in an all-metal spaceship? Just the things in the rooms, but it’s unlikely that any fire would get out of hand in my mind. If things got sufficiently toasty too I bet that you could just lower a few bulkheads and get rid of the oxygen to that area, or open a door and really get rid of the oxygen in that area. Plus fire suppression systems cost money! The Nostromo didn’t exactly look like a top-of-the-line ocean liner, more like a long-haul truck that’s held together with duct tape and good vibes.


Q4tQ, specifically those still trying to get the Heartbreaker: if Blizz decided to give away the X-51 Xtreme rocket as a Twich drop, would you consider using that instead so you don’t have to contend with the low drop rate of the Heartbreaker?

I’d be happy to have another rocket to add to my arsenal! It remains to be seen how much higher the drop chance is on the Heartbreaker this holiday, but hopefully, it’s something high enough that anyone who really wants it has a good shot by running the event daily.

I maintain that the attractiveness of the Heartbreaker only comes from its rarity. It’s hard to get so people are more interested in it. It doesn’t have a lot going for it otherwise, it only recently got a /mountspecial, and while it is a nice shade of pink — there are cooler rockets in the game.

Also yes Blizzard developers please keep adding things as Twitch drops. It makes my streamer friends happy, and I like getting new toys to play with!


QftQ: So I started an alliance toon to get the blue feeling again and switch things up a bit. Back in the day I only played alliance, and started Horde at the beginning of MoP and never looked back. I feel so much nostalgia about Stormwind, Ironforge and the general feeling of the Alliance, but for some reason I feel down whenever I play Alliance characters. I like the cities better, the atmosphere better, but somehow I miss playing the Horde. In Mop and so on I found their stories more compelling for me, but now its generalized with the Expedition, so good time to switch.

So does anyone suffer from similar lethargy when playing the opposing side? Even though you want to concentrate on that character, but you just can’t?

I haven’t managed to spend more than an hour on an opposite-faction character since I don’t even know when.

The last time I made one was a Dwarf Warrior at the end of Battle For Azeroth. I even used my boost on her! Then she proceeded to sit around in Stormwind for a day that I felt like actually seeing the Alliance side of things. The only reason she even left Stormwind was that a friend was trying to get their Kill 10 Players without dying achievement and I was able to sneak her to Kul Tiras via a Warlock summon.

I just think about all the things I have available to me between my Horde characters and can’t get over that. If more things like Gold were bound on account maybe… at least it’s easier to play with cross-faction now.

However even as I type that I know that my heart belongs to the Horde and it’d feel weird to not be part of it.


ugh I’m so glad DMF finally starts tomorrow, I have so many rep tokens to use. the character i’m using them on is at 1 for every faction so it’ll be fun to see where he ends up when completed.

I’ll also be able to get my 3rd batch of party guests to Best Friend, then I should be able to get the final batch to Best Friend after the weekly reset.

I did see that you got your Party Herald achievement, congratulations! May you go and start many parties all over the world (of Warcraft)!

I had a metric ton of the rep items to hand in too. I didn’t turn in any the last couple of months and it really made me annoyed that there isn’t a “take all of my stuff” button on these turn-ins. We’ve had buttons like that before! Why am I having to click multiple times to hand over all of my Tuskaar totems and hunting trophies?!

I hope that’s a quality-of-life feature coming soon.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Darkmoon Faire reputation buff though. It doesn’t feel great to save things up until the one week when they’re worth slightly more. I know this is entirely a min/max problem and it’s not that much in the grand scheme of things, but still!


Well crud. The stupid trading post bug decided to affect me. No kitty mount for me this month.

Good News!

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)

We’ve identified an issue that’s preventing players from receiving Trader’s Tender and Ash’adar rewards from the Traveler’s Log.

We do not believe any credit or progress has been lost, and we believe that the expected rewards should in your Collector’s Cache once the bug is fixed.

Thank you for your patience!


If I wanted to craft a good skinning knife should I go Deftness or Perception? I’m not sure what’s better, more general skins or more rare ones? I feel like rare is the answer…

I went Perception on mine. Any increase in the actual important things is easily better than just being able to skin quickly. Especially since rank three leather is only a gold per right now on the Auction house. Any chance to get more Dense Hides is the way to go!


Fully cleared LFR on the hunter, I got zero loot KEK

That’s wack.

I miss Personal Loot more than I thought I would. Especially in LFR, I’ve been in a couple of times trying to get Runes and transmog pieces and I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I’ll never be able to get the LFR set without catalyzing. I like the teal color on it, but I can’t roll on any of the pieces because I’ve already gotten better versions of them from my main raid.

The same goes for any other pieces that I can roll on, I’m not trying to be a jerk and steal things from people who could actually use the upgrades — but the whole reason I go into LFR is to try and get more transmog. Before with personal loot, I could just keep things that unlocked appearances for me, now I’m actively taking things from other players by winning rolls.

Bring back personal loot, or add a way to unlock whole ensembles somehow! Maybe with all of those tokens that drop from lieutenants and bosses?


I’ve heard that having a cute animal to give a little boop to can bring good luck in your weekly Great Vaults, so here is a nice picture of my cat Bacardi to ensure that you have the most excellent luck possible!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Party Hard

I hope this song can give you the energy you need to get through your Monday! I’ll see you next week, and don’t forget to leave Anna with lots of questions for tomorrow!

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