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Discussion > WoWFeb 6, 2023 8:15 am CT

What rewards are you planning to get from the February Trading Post?

Dragonflight‘s big feature in patch 10.0.5 is the Trading Post, a new monthly system where being subbed and playing the game gives you the opportunity to pick up some cool cosmetic items. And while it hasn’t been hiccup-free — every time my main logs in, I get notified I completed the Waking Shores Optional Quests criteria — most players have had a chance to do some shopping and pick up some cool new looks.

While some players are fans of the hooded cloak or swashbuckling outfits, I’ve focused almost entirely on weapons. The Fury of the Firelord flail has been at the top of my list ever since it was revealed — my Warrior was not able to acquire a flail from the Mage Tower during Legion, and being a Dark Iron Dwarf, it’s a perfect model for her. The other weapon I picked up was the Azure Scalesworn Longbow, as I play several Hunters and I’m always cooking up new transmogs for them. The final item I’m considering purchasing is the Squire’s Warhammer, as I’m a fan of simple weapons — but I’ve held off so far because none of my characters would use it; it’s only 100 Trading Tenders though so I’ll likely end up getting it before the end of the month.

The best item, though, is the one you don’t have to spend any Tenders on: Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn. Earned through completing enough criteria to max out your tenders for the month, Ash’adar is a flying(!) cat mount that changes appearance based on the time of the day — bright and sunny during the daytime, white and moony during the night. While this is a challenge for those who like their mounts to match their transmog, it’s a gorgeous mount that simply requires playing the game to acquire and those are the best kinds of rewards.

So that’s my planned haul for February. What’s yours? Are you picking up the Sparkle Pony if you didn’t already have it? What items did you grab? And are you planning on “freezing” anything to save until March?

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