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WoWFeb 8, 2023 4:30 pm CT

How to earn charges at the Revival Catalyst to convert your gear to tier

Dragonflight’s Revival Catalyst is currently available to convert your gear into tier set pieces, letting you pick up tier bonuses even if you’ve been particularly unlucky with raid drops (or don’t raid at all). I only have my 4-piece set bonus because of the Revival Catalyst, because I’ve seen very few Warrior tokens drop — but luckily, I had Dragonflight Season 1 gear that I could convert to tier. However, you need to charge up the Revival Catalyst in order to use it, and though it isn’t difficult it can be time-consuming.

Every week  you’ll get a quest called Revival Catalyst which will let you get one charge you can use to convert your gear to tier. You can pick the quest up from Antuka in Valdrakken, just beside the Great Vault, and you turn the quest in at the Revival Catalyst in Tyrhold. But the quest is vague about how you actually complete it, only saying you need to “Complete Group Content in the Dragon Isles” in order to fill the bar to 100%.

That’s a little confusing, particularly since Blizzard has already made a few changes to the in-game activities that give you quest credit. Fortunately there are a lot of ways to fill up the quest completion bar, including completing World Quests (but not all world quests), completing weekly events, raiding, PVPing, and running dungeons. You don’t even need to be in a group for a lot of activities, though it’s certainly helpful for elite World Quests and it’s a must for dungeons, raids, and battlegrounds.

Activities that give Revival Catalyst credit

You can earn quest credit from the following Dragonflight activities:

  • World Boss: 20%
  • World Events:
    • Grand Hunt: 10%
    • Storm’s Fury: 10%
    • Siege on Dragonbane Keep: 20%
    • Iskaar Community Feast: 25%
  • Rare mobs in Primal Invasions: 5% each
  • Elite World Quests: 20%
  • Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons: 25%
  • PVP:
    • Battlegrounds: 25% for winning, 12% for losing
    • Solo Shuffle: 15%
    • Arena: 10%
  • Vault of the Incarnate raid bosses (all difficulties): 25%

But that leaves a lot of “group” content that doesn’t grant quest credit, including Normal, Heroic, and Timewalking dungeons, and non-elite world quests. And even for activities that do count, you don’t necessarily need to be in a group to do them: you can do elite World Quests without actually joining a group if you can solo the mobs (or simply tag along with other players in the area) and World Events don’t strictly require you to group up.

Iyou’re looking to complete the quest, stick to the events listed above, which we know give quest credit.

The Revival Catalyst is account-wide

If you have alts, you’ll only have to do this quest once in order to get charges for all of your characters, because the Revival Catalyst is account-wide. Completing this quest gives one charge to all of your alts. Similarly, doing activities that grant quest credit can be done on any of your alts. If you have four alts in the Dragon Isles, you could do the Community Feast on each one of them to complete the quest for the week.

Note that you don’t need to pick up the quest on your alt for the credit to show up on your main. This makes it somewhat awkward in that you can’t see the progress bar for the quest on your alts, but you will see the credit added when you go back to your main.

Don’t forget to loot!

Quest credit for doing these events doesn’t actually come from doing the event: it comes from an item you get after doing the event. Most of these items, like quest rewards, be given to you automatically, but World Events tend to give rewards in a bag that you have to open. Be sure to open these bags to get your quest credit!

The quest credit items are Minor Renasence, Passing Renascence, and Enlightened Renascence and as soon as you loot them you’ll immediately see progress on the quest. Note that these items never appear in your inventory, but you will see them show up as loot.

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