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The QueueFeb 13, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Spa day

I have been swamped at my day job for a while, so I could use a spa day.

I just hope this masseuse knows what they’re doing. I have so many knots for them to work out!

While I come up with more massage-related tree puns, it’s time for — The Queue.


How bad do you think The Flash is going to bomb?

Oof that’s a tough one. There’s a lot working against it that could lead to a poor box office result. Troubles with the lead, and not knowing how much of it might be getting worked into the next phase of the DC movie universe by incoming head James Gunn could both lead to less money and a bomb result.

On the other hand, it is really awesome to see Michael Keaton as Batman again. He’s a great actor, and his Batman was a pretty good take on the character so I’m hoping that if nothing else James Gunn throws more old Batman roles at him.


Q4tQ: if you could add a key ability from another class (something the class is defined by) to your main class, what would you do?
Asking because I want stealth on my mage, because having three different ways to disappear is sometimes just not enough. >_<

Double Jump and Glide! Or is that two abilities?

All I know is that I want to be able to make my bear jump higher than Michael Jordan at the end of Space Jam! A safe landing isn’t necessarily required, but it would be nice to know that I have a cushion without having to resort to changing form and flapping my wings.

I wouldn’t say no to a Purgatory-like ability either. Something to keep me alive and tanking a little past the point where I should’ve fallen over. Provided of course that I can get picked up right away, it could help save some wipes from becoming wipes!

There aren’t many things that are leaping out to me otherwise. Druids are already pretty heroic, and I can’t really think of any other ways I’d like to be able to engage with enemies…

Get it? Heroic Leap y’all, I want that too.


Finally had some good luck today, and Otto is mine!

Yes! Everyone should have their very own sunglass-wearing otter to ride around on!

I’ll always be happy to see more people add him to their stables. That’s why I wrote a guide on how to get him!

Although luck does seem to play a big part in how quickly you can get your first step done so make sure to have some on hand. If you can’t make your own, store-bought is fine.


If anyone told me I’d be seeing a Merloc Deathwing today, I would’ve told them they were hitting the Kaja’Cola a little too hard.

Azmerloth is probably my favorite surprise while questing. There’s something so enduringly endearing about those little fish monsters. I hope that whoever decided that they needed their moment in the sun in Dragonflight gets a nice bonus, and the go-ahead to craft up another Azermerloth encounter.

Although with this inside look at who makes the decisions for World of Warcraft — it doesn’t look like that will be too much of a hard sell


Question for the Queue/WRUP/BW Podcast

If you’re actively playing WoW, how far along are you on the four Renowns of Dragonflight, and are you happy with your progress and the rewards so far?

  • Dragonscale Expedition – 25
  • Maruuk Centaur – 23
  • Iskaara Tuskar – 26
  • Valdrakken Accord – 29

I’m fairly happy with my progress. I haven’t really been doing the Camp Aylaag extra dailies, or a lot of Grand Hunts so I get why the Centaur have fallen behind the others. As for rewards, they’re fine.

The Renown rewards just feel like the average reputation rewards that I’m used to from my time in Warcraft. Some gear that would be really good to help get me on solid footing as I’m starting raiding, but comes far too late to make a difference there. They should really move that earlier in the path, the super hardcore players are always going to do things like grind dirt piles and expedition bags to get it early, while the rest of us would just really like to have a shiny piece of loot.

My biggest complaint about the Renown vendors this time is that when unlocking the additional colors for the different dragons, you have to buy them for each different chassis. I just want to unlock red for all of them at once! Not have to spend 1200 resources and some extra animal bits in barter to get them all!


Question for the podcast: LD Soth coming at you with what is hopefully a fun debate:

Who are greatest/most powerful NPCs of each class in WoW?

Let’s toss out any sort of titans, old gods, celestial/cosmic entities, etc. just your good old home grown Azerothian mortals.

I think that the problem with making a list like this from my mind is that most of these are basically the main person we see from these classes all of the time.

  • Death Knight — Arthas
  • Demon Hunter — Illidan
  • Druid — Malfurion
  • Shaman — Thrall
  • Mage — Khadgar
  • Monk — Chen Stormstout
  • Paladin — Tyrion Fordring
  • Priest — Velen
  • Warlock —  Gul’dan
  • Hunter — Alleria
  • Rogue — Mathias Shaw
  • Warrior — Varian Wrynn
  • Evoker — Too early to tell, ask me again at the end of Dragonflight

There’s a couple up there that I went back and forth on. Saurfang could be a contender for top Warrior and Jaina makes a strong argument for Mage. Yrel and Lady Liadrin are both viable contenders for best Paladin, but I don’t feel like either of them really hits the highs of Tirion facing down the Lich King on Icecrown Citadel.



I had pretty good luck in my vault last week when I posted that picture of Bacardi, so why mess with a good thing! Here’s another, he hopes that your loot is suitably epic!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Have a great day everyone! I hope your team won the Superbowl last night, or at least you weren’t too upset when they lost. Although who saw Rihanna being in the next Super Smash Brothers game?! Not me!

Don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions for tomorrow!

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