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5 great decks to use for Marvel SNAP’s Featured Location, Quantum Tunnel

Marvel SNAP‘s Into the Quantum Realm season continues to roll out Featured Locations with this week’s addition, Quantum Tunnel. Maybe we are just going to put the word “quantum” in front of everything this season.

Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and make a specific location more likely to appear. These mini-events are the way SNAP adds new Locations to the game, and are usually worth some deck adjustments if you’re looking to win some matches.

Let’s take a look at some great deck lists to use while Quantum Tunnel is the Featured Location, though all of these decks will work to your benefit whenever you encounter Quantum Tunnel Location in the future.

What is the Quantum Tunnel in Marvel lore?

The Quantum Tunnel featured heavily in 2018’s Ant-Man and the Wasp. Dr. Hank Pym constructed the Quantum Tunnel between the end of 2015’s Ant-Man and the start of Ant-Man and the Wasp. During the events of Ant-Man, Scott Lang became entangled on a quantum level with Janet Van Dyne, Dr. Pym’s wife who had been lost to the quantum realm years before.

Using Scott’s connection, Dr. Hank Pym enters the uses the Quantum Tunnel to enter the quantum realm to rescue Janet. After Ant-Man and the Wasp, the Quantum Tunnel itself would get shrunk and installed in the back of  Luis’ van where it would play a major role in Avengers: Endgame. I love the character of Luis. Michael Peña (Luis) steals every scene he’s in.

What’s the key to winning when Quantum Tunnel is up?

The Quantum Tunnel Featured Location acts exactly like the card Lockjaw (When you play a card here, swap it with a card in your deck). It’s like you’ve got an permanent, invisible Lockjaw down at the Location. Since the Location acts like Lockjaw, Lockjaw-themed decks should do well. Building around Lockjaw has the added bonus of still having the same basic game plan, even when you don’t get Quantum Tunnel in your Location pool.

Great decks to use on Quantum Tunnel

Lockjaw On Reveal deck

Deck code:


This deck features heavy hitters like She-Hulk (10 Power), Magneto (12 Power and On Reveal: Move all opposing 3 and 4-Cost cards to this locatio.) and The Infinaut (20 Power and If you played a card last turn, you can’t play this) for Lockjaw to cheat out. It also has the Thor (On Reveal: Shuffle Mjölnir into your deck), Jane Foster (On Reveal: Draw all cards that Cost 0 from your deck) combo and you can employ Lockjaw and/or Quantum Tunnel to get multiple uses of Mjolnir (On Reveal: Give Thor +6 Power). Jubilee (On Reveal: Play a card from your deck at this location) acts a secondary way to cheat out your big cards.

Lockjaw Discard deck

Deck code:


This is a slightly different take on using Lockjaw. Rather than cheat out heavy hitters, you use Lockjaw to get multiple uses of your Discard cards. This allows you to create a whole mess of Swarms, a huge Morbius (Ongoing: +2 Power for each time you discarded a card this game) and a gigantic Apocalypse (When you discard this from your hand, put it back with +4 Power). You can also destroy multiple cards with Gambit (On Reveal: Discard a card from your hand. Destroy a random enemy card).

On Reveal Combo deck

Deck code:


This deck is similar to the Lockjaw On Reveal, but doesn’t employ Lockjaw. Instead it employs various On Reveal effects like White Tiger, and Ironheart. Wasp, Sunspot, and Scorpion gives you great options for early turn plays on Quantum Tunnel. This deck also includes the nasty Shuri (On Reveal: Double the Power of the next card you play), plus Red Skull (15 Power and Ongoing: Enemy cards at this location have +2 Power), plus Arnim Zola combo to give you a 30 Power monster Red Skull at two Locations.

Thanos deck

Deck code:


*Note: I don’t have Thanos, so I’m taking this strategy from various community sites.

Thanos (At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck) loves to cycle the Infinity Stone effects. This deck also run Infinaut as well as Leech. Leech will strip the cards text off which can be a game winning play. Just be careful as I expect to Infinaut be a popular pick for the next couple of days, and Leech allows your opponent to play him regardless of what they did the previous turn.

Counter deck – Sandman and Spread

Deck code:


This deck tries to cheat out Sandman on turn three using either Psylocke (On Reveal: Next turn, you get +1 Energ.) or Zabu (Ongoing: Your 4-Cost cards cost 2 less. (minimum 1)). If Quantum Tunnel is in your Location pool, flood it out with Storm (On Reveal: Flood this location. Next turn is the last turn cards can be played here). You can then use cards like Klaw (Ongoing: The location to the right has +6 Power), and Doctor Doom (On Reveal: Add a 5-Power Doombot to each other location) to spread power across multiple Locations.

What are your decks?

Quantum Tunnel should feel familiar. Even though Lockjaw decks aren’t top of the meta at the moment, it’s a popular archetype in Marvel Snap. Keep in mind that even as the Featured Location, there will still be matches that you don’t see Quantum Tunnel. Make sure your deck is flexible enough that you don’t have to retreat if you don’t get Quantum Tunnel in your Location pool.

Whether Quantum Tunnel is in your Location pool due to the event, or just one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these decks and tips help you win!

What other great decks have you used with Quantum Tunnel? Let us know in the comments.

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