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The QueueFeb 15, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: White chocolate stole the show

Well, after it seemed like it would be a match of dark vs. milk chocolate, with white chocolate mostly an afterthought, it turns out that white chocolate won the Splatfest. And not just, like, a normal win — they swept every. single. category.

So, well played to Team White Chocolate. Shiver, we’ll win the next one.

Until that time, let’s have a Queue, shall we?


Q4tQ One of the lines the primalists say when dying is that they want to “return this world to its origins”. Would resetting using the Emerald Dream accomplish this, or was there too much titan influence in its creation?

Mind you, I’m far from the most lore-savvy person here, but unless something has changed, Freya created the Emerald Dream — and Freya is a creation of the Titans. So as far as the Primalists are concerned, I would think the Emerald Dream would only be a stopping point on their way to an even more “original” world.


2 titles enter: Baron vs Count

I saw all of you saying that Count indicates a higher position — but who cares? Baron is cool. I mean, they’re both cool, but you can be all kinds of barons! Robber baron, oil baron, Baron of Blizzard Watch, Baron of Bears, and so forth.

Baron/Baroness takes the win here.


Q4tQ: do you use specific mounts with certain characters? Asking because I plan to roll a bunch of Horde alts soon and I know that means figuring out what three mounts to use for each of them (one ground-only, one definitely flying, one either). On the plus side, this means I finally get to use all those Horde mounts I bought to increase my count way back when.

Well, I’m not the best to ask since I’m usually sticking with the Priest, but when I do play alts, tailoring them to the character is something I’d like to do more of — but I know myself well enough to know that I need an addon or Opie ring or something to be better about that.

For now, however, I typically stick with mounts that are “practical” — i.e., they take up very little screen space, like the Taza’vesh Gearglider.


Q4tQ: How much does getting a ‘ding’ every level contribute to your satisfaction with a game? How about just getting ‘one more point’ to put into a tree? Personally, I was fine with one talent every 5 levels because I didn’t have to be thinking about it all the time. What made me think about it was professions. They’re so complicated now with all the little knowledge trees that I just started ignoring them. Then the other day I noticed I had a pile of knowledge points saved up. It was much more fun to spend them in a big batch because I felt like I was getting something. One more tiny point toward “extra finesse picking hochenblume” just felt bad. But a whole pile of progress at once felt good.

In a way, it’s kind of proportional to how quickly that ding occurs. With leveling in WoW, it feels nice to level-up in a new expansion because each level takes a moderately long time but not TOO long, and the reward of a new talent (especially with talents that rarely involve more than 2 tiers) feels significant.

Conversely, early leveling in WoW — after your very first time, of course — happens much more quickly, and there are definitely times when I’ve just banked talents because thrill from the speed of leveling outweighed the thrill of a new talent. And that’s kind of where I fall with the Profession Knowledge right now. I’d rather just keep cruising and bank points, because oftentimes, I need more than one point to hit a new milestone anyhow. Plus, like you mentioned, they can be complicated and a bit overwhelming. It’s more fun to put a bunch of points in so you can get a better idea of the end goal as you’re allocating points than it is to slowly trickle progress into a pathway you may not want to follow 10 points later.

…I don’t know if that really answers your question, but I empathize all the same.


So, for this expac, I decided to try to spread out my toons so I started out with one of each armor type.

So far, that’s been:
Rogue (both of whom I tend to level first anyway)
Shaman (…who actually hit 70 before the rogue did lol)

So that just leaves a clothie.

I’m not going to level a mage, because in the pre-patch, they were the least fun. So that leaves warlock or priest.

Which one?

Play a Shadow Priest. And yes, I’m saying that because, well, it’s me — but they’re also both fun and powerful to play right now. Granted, I think this is personally the most complicated the spec has ever felt — and the most cooldown-reliant — but when it all clicks, it feels great.

Also, you get to be purple as often as you want, and extending that purple to something like Tyrael’s Charger is freaking awesome.


I saw something when I got off my Yak this morning that I’ve never seen.
Birdhat said, “Those Yaungol have straight swords. Straight. Swords.”
I thought that was great …

What’s your favorite reference, funny or otherwise, in World of Warcraft?

I always have a soft spot for the Linken chain from the original game. It’s one I’d originally heard of while watching CHEAT! and I always made sure to stop and do it as soon as I hit level 47 on a character. It usually would get me an entire level to do the whole chain, and the whole thing is a fun homage to a lot of Zelda moments.

That’s our Queue for today! My sense of time is very off, so please leave lots of questions for Monday’s writer. And until next Tuesday, have a great Thursday!

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