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The QueueFeb 16, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: When you come up with a mechanic

So I run a few D&D games for the folks here at Blizzard Watch — and maybe I could run one for y’all someday, who knows, I’m eyeing a Pathfinder 2e campaign lately — and recently, while blatantly stealing Blackwing Lair and making it the end dungeon of the current campaign storyline, I came up with a new mechanic for the Razorgore fight.

Well, technically, it’s not the Razorgore fight because I’m not that basic, but it is a fight involving Dragon Eggs in an ancient fortress of dragonkind, so anyway, close enough for what I’m about. But the mechanic I came up with as a lair action is so much fun, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the players respond to it.

Anyway, howdy. Lets queue this.


Have y’all listened to the Exploring Azeroth books’ audio versions? I’ve loved Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend being read in-character, and am excited for Pandaria to be done the same way. I realize that may be a very short answer, so bonus question, if you could get an in-world book read in character by their voice actor, what book and character would you pick?

Oddly enough for a blind guy, I haven’t actually thought of doing that. And now I really want to because the idea of Flynn and Shaw narrating their adventures through Azeroth strikes me as inspired.

As for your other question, I think I’d like to hear the Illidan novel as narrated by Illidan, either Matthew Yang King (original Illidan voice) or Liam O’Brien (because he is a very good Illidan). Heck, I’d settle for a series of commercials starring Illidan. Basically I dig the Illidan voice.


I felt like level 60-70 was so quick that tinkering the talent tree every time one leveled was still as annoying as the beginning levels.

Maybe I’m weird but I actually liked that when leveling through Dragonflight, I liked getting a talent point every level again. And because we have class trees and spec trees, there’s different approaches you can take and specific talents on specific levels and I just generally enjoyed it.


QftQ: How have you liked the Trading Post so far? Pros and Cons? How do you think it could be further improved?

I mean, I like it because I have barely interacted with it. I log on every month anyway, so I’m gonna get some currency regardless, and I’m not really trying to achieve any of the monthly things for extra currency — if they happen, great, and if they don’t, I don’t really care.

That’s a pro in my book — like Battle Pets, a contender for ‘best WoW side-game’, the Trading Post is elegantly designed in my opinion because I feel absolutely no need to engage with it. It’s fairly optional, and I love that.

As for improvements, I’d like to see more recolors of items like we got with the purple staff this month. Also, there are items in the game files we have never actually been able to acquire, so put them on the Trading Post please.


Blizzard should add VR for Dragon flying in Dragonflight. If it was good I might even buy Dragonfight just to experience that!

Honestly, man, if you’re not vibing on this expansion already I don’t think Dragonriding in VR would do it for you. I mean, I like Dragonriding, but the idea of experiencing my first time with it on a vertigo screen strapped to my face does not appeal to me.


Q4tQ: which WoW character is best equipped to take levels in Cowboy?

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Take care everybody. See y’all next week.

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