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5 great decks to use for Marvel SNAP’s Featured Location, Camp Lehigh

The new Featured Location in Marvel SNAP‘s Into the Quantum Realm season is Camp Lehigh, so let’s discuss some decks you can use in this location. Full disclosure, I have not gotten out to see Ant and the Wasp: Quantumania yet, so I’m not sure why a location usually associated with Captain America made it into the Into The Quantum Realm season.

Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and make a specific location more likely to appear. These mini-events are the way SNAP adds new Locations to the game, and are usually worth some deck adjustments if you’re looking to win some matches.

Let’s take a look at some great deck lists to use while Camp Lehigh is the Featured Location, though all of these decks will work to your benefit whenever you encounter the Camp Lehigh Location in the future.

What is the Camp Lehigh in Marvel lore?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, Camp Lehigh first appears as the training ground for the super soldier program in World War II. It was at Camp Lehigh that a skinny kid from Brooklyn named Steve Rodgers showed he was more than just a good soldier. More importantly, he showed he was a good man. It was also where Steve met Peggy Carter, who would become his lifelong love interest. The MCU returned to Camp Lehigh during the events of Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Black Widow and Captain America track the Hydra signal to Camp Lehigh where they find Arnim Zola turned into a computer AI.

Camp Lehigh would once again become an important location during the Time Heist in Avengers: Endgame. After losing the Tesseract at the Battle of the New York, Steve and Tony Stark time travel to Camp Lehigh where Tony’s father, Howard Stark was experimenting on it. Camp Lehigh also appeared in the What If… series’ zombie episode, but zombies freak me out so I didn’t watch that one.

What’s the key to winning when Camp Lehigh is up?

Camp Lehigh plays similarly to The Hub (Add a random card to each player’s hand). As a random effect, Camp Lehigh is a little hard to build around. The name and effect likely come from the idea that Camp Lehigh will put Captain America in your hand. The problem is there are over 30 three-cost cards in SNAP, meaning that you have less than a 3% chance of actually getting Captain America. You can only work with what you know will happen. You’re going to get a card into your hand, and it will cost 3 Energy.

Great decks to use on Camp Lehigh

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Deck code:


This is referring to a deck and not the new Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series on Disney+. If you get something totally useless from Camp Lehigh, it’s just going to sit in your hand. Wouldn’t it be great if it could buff one of your cards while it sits there? Devil Dinosaur has entered the chat.

Series 1 deck code:


If you are still in Series 1 (under Collection Level 214), this list should be mostly buildable.

Series 2 deck code:


If you’re between 214 and 485 Collection Level, you’re in Series 2. You should have most of the cards to build this version.

Ronan Sandman

Deck code:


The opposite approach to Devil Dinosaur, Ronan Sandman takes advantage of Camp Lehigh adding a card to your opponent’s hand. This will buff Ronan. The recently buffed Sandman (Ongoing: Players can only play 1 card a turn) then makes it harder for your opponent to empty their hand, keeping your Ronan nice and big.

Negative Surfer

Deck code:


Negative Surfer is using the fact you’re going to get a 3-Energy card from Camp Lehigh. That will give you one more target for Silver Surfer to buff. Another Brood (On Reveal: Add 2 Broodlings to this location with the same Power) would be awesome.

When the developers nerfed Silver Surfer, Negative Surfer took a larger hit than other Surfer decks because they made him 2-Power instead of zero, which means when he gets hit by Mister Negative (On Reveal: Swap the Power and Cost of all cards in your deck), he will cost 2-Energy rather than be free. Negative Surfer, like most decks counting on Mister Negative is a high variance deck. Some games are going to go really well. Other games, the cards won’t fall your way, and you’ll have to retreat before it’s too late.

Shield Collector

Deck code:


Shield Collector is banking on the one thing you know will happen with Camp Lehigh, you’re getting a card added to your deck. If Collector is down, he’ll get a buff from that.

The deck has many other cards which can add cards to your hand, and using Quinjet to make all those cards cost less. The deck is counting on a high roll off of Nick Fury (On Reveal: Add 3 random 6-Cost cards to your hand) or Helicarrier (When you discard this from your hand, add 3 random cards to your hand), and then bringing back Helicarrier with Ghost Rider (On Reveal: Bring back one of your discarded cards to this location).

Lockjaw Dracula

Deck code:


This list pretty much ignores Camp Lehigh. If anything, you’ll use the card from Camp Lehigh as another activator for Lockjaw. The Quantum Tunnel Featured Location reminded people how much fun Lockjaw decks could be and this one has been climbing in the tier lists as of late.

Thanos Deck code:


There’s also a Thanos version created by Marvel SNAP content creator, KMBest. I don’t have the Mad Titan yet, but if you do, give his list a spin and see if you can “snap” your way to victory.

What are your decks?

Camp Lehigh is one of the less impactful Featured Locations we’ve seen in Marvel SNAP. You can probably just play your meta decks and be just fine. In fact, there will still be matches that you don’t see Camp Lehigh, so rest assured that each list suggested here should be flexible enough that you don’t have to retreat if you don’t get Camp Lehigh in your Location pool.

Whether Camp Lehigh is in your Location pool due to the event, or just one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these decks and tips help you win!

What other great decks have you used with Camp Lehigh? Let us know in the comments.

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