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The QueueMar 1, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: The Horrorboros approaches

After much anticipation, the newest King Salmonid has arrived in Splatoon 3. The Horrorboros, as it’s known, is apparently a flying serpent-like boss that I’m sure will wreck face. To celebrate, there’s yet another Big Run happening this weekend! What’s Big Run? It’s basically the Salmon Run (i.e., horde mode) version of a Splatfest. Full weekend long. Unique map. End-of-event rewards.

I am definitely looking forward to it.

Of course, that’s Splatsville. This is The Queue.


Q4tQ: have you ever felt like the RNG was openly mocking you?

I joked about RNG earlier, but today when I was making goggles for the engineering weekly, I suddenly learned a recipe for the leather bracers. This was huge, as I’ve been wanting the bracer recipes for a while. I quickly started making more goggles, and learned two more recipes right away… mail and plate. On my mage.

I’ve made ten sets of goggles since then and haven’t learned the cloth recipe. Stupid RNG.

I’m sure I have, but the example that immediately springs to mind here is actually that of a friend in my Mythic+ group. I’m sure this answer in itself will feel like it’s openly mocking those with horrible weapon luck, but this individual has managed to get at least a dozen weapon drops this season. He’s farmed dungeons left and right for other pieces, and somehow he always manages to get weapons to drop.

It’s become one of those “still a little too real” memes among our group because of how often he gets weapons.


2BE: Propane Bear (with Hank Hill’s face kinda) vs. Cocaine Bear (but it’s Fozzie Bear)

Sorry, I’m actually seeing Cocaine Bear tonight and have been hyped to see it for a long time, so there’s no way I’m not going to choose Cocaine Bear.


Is there a further delay between the start of the month and the trader’s post resetting? I’m still seeing the rewards for February, and the traveler’s log doesn’t have March tasks for me yet.

There have definitely been some noticeable visual bugs with the Traveler’s Log. Yesterday, it was saying it had 3 days left (i.e., it felt like it was defaulting to a 31-day month), but Blizzard made it pretty clear that it would reset March 1.

That specific reset, however, happens during the normal reset window — which I think may be changing in like two weeks thanks to Daylight Saving Time but hey. It’ll still be consistent.


WoW game-inside-a-game version of Cones of Dunshire? Yes or No?

Do I want this? Absolutely yes. Would I play it? Probably a few times and then not much after. Should the latter outweigh the former? No, no it should not.


Q4tQ: In thinking about the Trading Post it’s very much like the renown system, reputations, and the weekly loot chest. You get rewards for just playing WoW in general. So far these seem like systems that a fair amount of players enjoy and like. In the future what other similar types of systems would you like to see them develop?

Maybe have playing WoW in general give you rewards in archeology, cooking, fishing, pet battles, first aid, music box songs, whatever you can think of.

Maybe even have it as a gear catch up system where you’re awarded minimal ilevel gear until you can easy go into mythic+ zero, random pvp, or lfr. It sure would be easier for new or returning players. One of the biggest challenges for them always seems to hunting around endlessly in search of the gear they need to get into entry level content. Who knows it might even encourage casual players to try those things if they have the gear.

I’m perhaps the wrong person to be answering this, because right now my answer is, “Nothing. Please stop adding things and let me catch up with what’s already in the game.”

Don’t get me wrong — I was pleasantly surprised by the Trading Post! But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t still asking questions about how it worked up until last week. I play much more casually than I used to, and for me, there’s a lot happening in Dragonflight. It’s not that I feel like I need to do everything else to do what I want (Mythic+, mainly) but it’s still a lot of stuff happening around me and I would, eventually, like to catch up with it all.

If it’s gear catch-up you’re looking for, I don’t think Blizz needs to make it a system. I think it’s easy to forget just how little new players know about WoW — even playing for a couple months, you pick up a lot of things passively that a new player wouldn’t get. If finding catch-up gear is tough for new players, give them a quest that says, “Here’s a vendor with some gear and gold for finding the vendor. The gold will buy you all the gear you need.”

Very curious what y’all think, though!


I’m already starting to sense a pet peeve. Dracthyr is so [Yoggdang] hard to spell. My brain thinks it should be drachtyr. […] On that note: You like the new race or hate it? What’s good and less good, and how does the new hero class feel?

I’m only level 65 on my Evoker right now, but I’m enjoying it well enough. It’s cool and the spells are very pretty, but I keep feeling like I’m either doing something wrong, or the class is just way simpler rotation-wise than I was expecting (I’ve been told it’s the latter). That said, I’ve not tried healing yet, but I’m excited to once I can dedicate more time to learning it.

I’d say Demon Hunters are still the “new” class that I vibe with the most. They mix a lot of what I love about Rogues with the movement and exploration tools that I can’t get enough of, and their tanking style is pretty fun, too.


Since IRL Archaeology is a team effort, who else agrees with me that I am most definitely right that Archaeology in WoW should be account bound with one profession pane shared across all your characters?


Though to be honest, I feel like Archaeology should’ve been an expansion-specific thing at this point. I would’ve loved it to continue being developed each expansion, but it just never really felt like it got the same love after its initial debut. Even if the whole thing might not translate to account-bound-ness, I’m sure there are plenty of elements you could make account-bound to make things simpler.

That’s our Queue for this week! Y’all asked a lot of questions and I appreciate you greatly for it 💜 Keep up the pace for tomorrow’s writer, and I’ll see you all next time!

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