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How to get to the Zskera Vaults in patch 10.0.7

If you’re excited about exploring the Zskera Vaults in the post-storm Forbidden Reach in Dragonflight‘s patch 10.0.7, then you’ll also probably be excited to know you won’t have to wait very long to get there. The Zskera Vaults lie on Morqut Islet, the island near the Reach that houses the village you’ll be using a home base for expeditions further into the island. The Zskera Vaults are just northwest of Morqut Village. They’re featured relatively early in the introductory quest line, so as long as you’re following that, you’ll be hand guided there by NPCs.

Follow the main story quests in patch 10.0.7, and it won’t take you long to be directed to the Vaults. When you log in on patch day, you should automatically receive the quest Hidden Legacies, informing you that trouble is brewing in Neltharion’s little prison island up north. After you hear that report, you’ll get Return to the Reach, which will end with you meeting up with Scalecommander Viridia. Evokers may remember the Scalecommander from their starting area quests as the leader of the Healing Wings who stayed behind to further uncover mysteries on the Reach. After a trio of other quests to deal with threats on the island, Viridia will give you Helping Hand and Claw, to go aid three shipwrecked members of the Dragonscale Expedition.

Two of these NPCs — Pathfinder Jeb and Pathfinder Tacha — will then help you start the Zskera Vaults questline. Through that questline, you’ll get your first helping of Zskera Vault keys, explore the first vault in Zskera Vault: Az, and even take on deeper mysteries the following week in The Scary Vault of Ur. By helping these Pathfinders, you’ll gain access to the Zskera Vaults, and gain the ability to begin rounding up keys to open the doors and loot all that shiny, shiny treasure Neltharion stashed down there.

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