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WoWMar 21, 2023 1:30 pm CT

Yes, Chef! New Community Feast activities added in Dragonflight patch 10.0.7

The Iskaara Tuskarrs’ Community Feast remains a popular feature of Dragonflight, with a recent change that increased its frequency to every 90 minutes so you have plenty of opportunities to get in on the cooking action. As fun as the event is, however, it can start to feel repetitive, as there are only so many times you can get EXACTLY THREE ANCHEEVIES or stomp bittershell hermit crabs before it feels like you’re on a treadmill. Fortunately, the World of Warcraft development team recognizes this and has added a couple dozen new activities in patch 10.0.7.

Each of these activities are modeled on seeking out a vendor, similar to the current tasks for getting Piping-Hot Orca Milk or Salted Fish Scraps — locate a vendor in Iskaara and purchase the required item for 10 silver, then bring it back to the pot and throw it in. The requisite vendor should be highlighted with a yellow ! on your mini-map, so getting the item shouldn’t be too onerous. That said, it’s expected that these activities will have the same higher reputation reward that the fetch tasks currently have compared to those completed without leaving the pot area.

In addition there are three new “Enormous” beasts associated with the event — Lionfish, Mantacorn, and Thresher — but their role isn’t quite known yet. The fact that all three are seabound means it’s likely they’re not new attacking beasts when the quality of the soup improves, but instead they will be harpooned like the various Lunker quests. Whether players will be the ones harpooning them or if they’ll be harpooned by NPCs and need to be killed by the players remains to be seen, but I would bet on the former. On the plus side, the task seems to indicate that getting their meat is enough so even if you’re unable to participate with the harpooning you should still be able to loot it after it’s dead if you’ve successfully tagged it.

While it’s curious that no new stationary events have been added, this is likely due to concerns about players AFKing during the feast; most of the “timed” events such as stirring or throwing fish back into the pot give credit and reputation if its been assigned to you even if you don’t actively participate. It’s great that the development team recognizes that players enjoy the Feast and are looking at ways to improve it over time — perhaps in later patches we’ll see even more tasks added.

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