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5 great decks to use for Marvel SNAP’s Featured Location, Asteroid M

The war between Homo sapien and Homo superior rages on in Marvel SNAP‘s Days of Future Past season with this week’s Featured Location, Asteroid M, and we’ve constructed some decks for you to try out there. Featured Locations, for those unaware, typically change over on Tuesdays and add a new Location to the game. They are usually worth some deck adjustments if you’re looking to win some matches.

Let’s take a look at some great deck lists to use while Asteroid M is the Featured Location, though all of these decks will work to your benefit whenever you encounter the Asteroid M Location in the future — or is it the past?

Asteroid M from X-Men: Blue #34

Asteroid M from X-Men: Blue #34

What is the Asteroid M in Marvel lore?

The M in Asteroid M stands for Magneto. He constructed these orbital space stations to serve as his base of operations in his many campaigns against the humans of planet Earth. The X-Men and their allies have fought on and destroyed several iterations of Asteroid M over the years, but Magneto rebuilds it once again. Some call him a terrorist, but is he, really? As the infamous saying goes, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

What’s the key to winning when the Asteroid M is up?

Asteroid M is another Location that mimics the effect of a card. As you might have guessed, the card in question here is Magneto. Order of operations is once again of paramount importance this week. The card text fires, and then the Location. For example, if you play Shang-Chi at Nexus of All Realities, he will destroy the 9-Power cards at Nexus and then get yanked over to Asteroid M. He won’t destroy any cards at Asteroid M unless you played him there.

A quick note before we get into the decks, the nerfs are live and the meta is in a state of flux right now. Thanos, Aero, Quin Jet, and Red Skull were all hit the nerf bat. Leech was… oddly left alone. The deck suggestions below might be great at the moment but as the meta continues to shift be prepared to adapt.

Great decks to use on Asteroid M


Deck code:


If Asteroid M is going to be moving your cards around, you might as well get some buffs off it. Vulture is the obvious play. He’ll get buffed when Asteroid M moves him and buffed again when you use your own movement effects on him. Miles Morales seems like a good card to slip into almost any deck since any game with Asteroid M will reduce his cost to just 1-Energy. If you play Aero, remember that she is in her nerfed state.


Deck code:


What’s the natural response when you put Kingpin on the board? Fill that Location. Only, your opponent will have a hard time achieving that with Asteroid M moving their cards away. You can then use Magneto himself to yank the cards back and have Kingpin stomp them down. Alternatively, you could put Kingpin on Asteroid M if there’s still space there on turn 5.

Sandman / Jessica Jones

Deck code:


This deck gives you some great flexibility while simultaneously limiting your opponent. When you play Jessica Jones or Rescue, pay attention to where their animations remain. For example, if play Rescue at Hell’s Kitchen, but then Asteroid M yanks here over, the animation will remain at Hell’s Kitchen. If you want her to get the buff, you should play a card at Hell’s Kitchen the following turn.

All this Debrii

Deck code:


Asteroid M makes it difficult for your opponent to play his cards where they want to. We’re about to make it even harder. Viper can move The Hood over to their side. Juggernaut moves their cards around, and Debrii fills their lanes with relatively useless Rocks.


Deck code:


Patriot and Mystique are going to get yanked over to Asteroid M, but Enchantress hasn’t seen a ton of play. The big advantage you get from this deck is being able to fill those Locations you keep getting yanked out of with your army of Ultron Bots.

What are your ideas?

It’s nice seeing Movement decks getting more play with Asteroid M. They had almost completely fallen out of favor. Keep in mind that even as the Featured Location, there will still be matches that you don’t see Asteroid M. Make sure your deck is flexible enough that you don’t have to retreat if you don’t get Asteroid M in your Location pool.

Whether Asteroid M is in your Location pool due to the event, or just one of the randomly chosen ones after the event, hopefully these decks and tips help you win!

What other great decks have you used with Asteroid M? Let us know in the comments.

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