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Warcraft > WoWMar 23, 2023 5:00 pm CT

All the new pets and mounts in the Forbidden Reach in patch 10.0.7

As is usually the case with new zones, in World of Warcraft patch 10.0.7 the Forbidden Reach has added many new Battle Pets and mounts for collectors to hoard like dragons. If you’re trying to build your collection, here are all of the pets and mounts you can find in the Forbidden Reach, as well as how to get them.

New Battle Pet drops in the Forbidden Reach

While we’re mostly talking about new pets in the Forbidden Reach, there is one pet that showed up in patch 10.0.7 that comes from the new Winterpelt Furbolg faction in Azure Span.

  • Ashenwing — according to the pet journal this is possible drop from the Bonesifter Marwak rare in The Forbidden Reach, located in the Skyfox Den at waypoint 43.1, 60.6
  • Brightfeather — chance to drop from a Hardened Chest in Zskera Vault.
  • Buckie — purchased from Turik in Morqut Village for 25,000 Elemental Overflow.
  • Bunbo — reward from the quest Primordial Answers. This is a weekly quest.
  • Driftling – Requires Exalted reputation with Winterpelt Furbolg, purchased for 150 Dragon Isles Supplies.
  • Emma — fished up from a Disgusting Vat within the Zskera Vault. 
  • Gilded Mechafrog — contained in Prototype Tinker-Tron Tattered Gift Package within the Zskera Vault.
  • Kobaldt — according to the pet journal this is possible drop from the Animate Crystalspine rare in The Forbidden Reach. This rare hasn’t been located yet — it may be in the Zskera Vault.
  • Luvvy — according to the pet journal this is possible drop from the Luttrok rare mob, which requires a special item to summon. To begin the special encounter that summons the ottuk rare Luttrok, you will need to have a Sparkling Spice Pouch crafted. Take the spice pouch to the Spiceless Stew located next to the Morqut Villager in The Old Weyrn Grounds area of The Forbidden Reach at waypoint 55.7, 51.5.
  • Patos — according to the pet journal, this pet is looted from the Unique Fish item. The location of the Fish is not yet confirmed.
  • Scruffles — according to the pet journal this is a possible drop from the Vraken the Hunter rare in The Forbidden Reach, locate in a cave at waypoint 58.6, 47.9.
  • Wakyn — according to the pet journal this is a possible drop from the Warden Entrix rare in The Forbidden Reach, located in The War Clutch, entrance at waypoint 67.03 7.21, progress around the ramp on the right (with your back to the entrance), use the teleport pad to jump further up into the instance, proceed along the corridor, Warden Entrix is in the round room at the end of the passage where you start as a Drathyr. There is a Gemstone or Return in an alcove nearby which will port you back to the entrance.

New Pet Battle World Quests and achievements

Though you can’t catch these pets, pet battlers who are looking for a challenge will find four new elemental Pet Battle World Quests on the Forbidden Reach. These pets start out with a buff called Legendary Intensity, boosting their stats considerably over a normal world quest mob. In their immediate area will be seven linked legendary wild battle pets. Each time one of these linked pets are defeated, the WQ mob will be diminished in quality to Legendary, then Epic, and then Rare. After a short period of time their stats return to normal. These Legendary pets are only present when the linked world quest is active, and cannot be captured. Once defeated, the Legendary pet and the linked pets all despawn until the next time the quest turns up.

Anyone in the area who defeats one of the elite pets can contribute to reducing the quality of the WQ pet.

Though you won’t find any of these in the Forbidden reach, the new patch also adds a new Pet Battle Master achievement: Battle on the Dragon Isles 2. You’ll find four new Master Pet Battle Trainers and four new Legendary Pets to defeat.

The new Legendary Pet Battles are:

  • Adinakon — On a plateau South-West of the Ruby Life Pools FP ~ /way #2022 51.90, 72.39 Adinakon
  • Enok the Stinky — East of Iskaara on the coast ~ /way #2024 23.41, 53.56 Enok the Stinky
  • Lyver — North of Forkriver Crossing, Ohn’ahran Plains ~ /way #2023 73.38, 68 Lyver
  • Malfunctioning Matrix — Tyrhold – Upper Ring, Thaldraszus ~ /way #2025 60.63, 59.74 Malfunctioning Matrix

New mounts to collect in patch 10.0.7

That’s all we’ve found in patch 10.0.7 so far, but there could always be more out there. If you see new pets or mounts, mention them in the comments!

Originally published March 15, 2023; updated March 23, 2023

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