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The QueueApr 6, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Beware the Night Elf Smile

Initially I was going to name this one Bats from Space vs the Sugar Cookie Mafia because it sounded like a 70’s concept album title to me, but then I decided to go with this one based on ValenceMagi’s question below.


Why does my internal clock keep telling me it’s like two hours later than it actually is? And yet I get home and just stare at the wall, like my interest and motivation has been shot to hell by this work problem. It probably doesn’t help that I decided my meds were stupid and I didn’t want to take them, because screw living a life of dulled feelings.

Talk to your doctor please.

Depending on what you were on — and I clearly have no idea what you have been prescribed — simply interrupting your regimen cold turkey can be an extremely bad idea. Talk to your medical provider as soon as possible, explain that the side effects are deleterious, and work out an alternative.

Again, I do not know what you are on, but from my own experience, the medication I’m on for my depression does not cause me to feel like I’m being ‘dulled’ at all. I’m sure your doctor would want to know what you are experiencing so that they can tailor a better alternative. Also, don’t forget to talk to your pharmacist — often they have a better idea of what individual drug cocktails do and how they interact due to their focus on that field of study.

Seriously it’s very important that you not just stop taking a prescription, and I don’t want your health to suddenly decline (physical or mental) due to this kind of decision. By all means, if a prescription is causing you negative side effects, discuss them with your physician, but for your own sake do so quickly. I have been where you are now, and I made the wrong decision, and it cost me more than I could easily explain to you.


Q4tQ: since we got the announcement that Diablo IV will start before the official release day for the Americas, are you planning to play it as soon as it starts on June 5th? Or will you be waiting to avoid what will likely be very long queues?

I’m currently hard at work on a time portal so I can play the game now through said time portal. If I could I would literally do nothing but play Diablo 4 and occasionally do those boring things like eat, sleep, etc.


Q4TQ: Will “Are You Kitten Me?” ever be fixed?

In all likelihood, it has been fixed repeatedly only to break again when some new variable is introduced. Software development often seems to my outsider’s perspective like a constant series of cats with flamethrowers being directed down a labyrinth of gates that open and close at random. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a cat with a flamethrower ends up in the wrong place and you have to find a way to get them out of there, but in the process, another flamethrower wielding cat ends up back in that same wrong place for a completely different reason.


Once You See It, You Can’t Unsee It
Q4tQ: why to all but one of the nelf faces have Receptionist Smiles?

I’ll be real with you. My main has been a Night Elf since the end of Warlords of Draenor and I didn’t even know they had a smile option in character creation. I realize this may be a saying I’m not familiar with (and I did Google it, but didn’t find anything conclusive) so if it’s a joke I missed, I apologize.

Honestly, that’s usually what her face looks like.


going to see Mario in 2 hours

I honestly thought this was a late April Fool’s joke because I’d utterly wiped the existence of this movie from my mind. I legit stared at the screen for like 27 seconds going “What is he talking about….” and then the realization hit me like a fist.  I simply was not prepared for this movie to not only exist but to actually be out.

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