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HearthstoneApr 11, 2023 10:00 am CT

Here are all the rewards on the new Rewards Track for Hearthstone Festival of Legends

The Festival of Legends expansion for Hearthstone is arriving today, on April 11, and it comes with a new Rewards Track full of gold, packs, cards, skins, and more. This track contains free rewards that all players can get, as well as paid rewards exclusive for players who decide to get the Tavern Pass — which can be found within the game client, by pressing a button at the top of the Rewards Track window, or on the Battle.net shop — for $20.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of paid rewards are cosmetic, and free players get full access to all the gold and most of the card packs in the track. So here are all of the goodies that can be found within the track — whether you decide to pay for the Tavern Pass or not.

Which free rewards are on the Festival of Legends Rewards Track?

These are the free rewards on the Rewards Track, available to all players:

Which paid rewards are on the Festival of Legends Rewards Track?

And here are the rewards exclusive to those players who decide to purchase the Tavern Pass, for $20:

  • An XP Boost that allows you to earn the rewards on the track faster
    • It starts at 10%, later goes to 15%, and finally to 20%
  • 2 Golden Standard Packs
  • 1 Diamond Card:
  • 6 Signature Uncraftable Cards:
  • 4 Golden Uncraftable Cards:
  • 11 Hero Skins:
    • Death Knight:
      • Deathmetal King
    • Demon Hunter:
      • Halveria
    • Druid:
      • Dame Groovybark
    • Hunter:
      • Rockabilly Rexxar
    • Mage:
      • Technomancer Saraad
    • Paladin:
      • Disco Hammer Cariel
    • Priest:
      • Teen Idol Anduin
    • Rogue:
      • MC Garona
    • Shaman:
      • Smooth Jazz Morgl
    • Warlock:
      • Opera Diva Tamsin
    • Warrior:
      • Rock Angel Annhylde
  • 1 Card Back:
    • Battle of the Bands
  • 1 Cosmetic Coin:
    • Vinyl

Keep in mind that you don’t get all of those cosmetics as soon as you purchase the Tavern Pass. You’ll still need to play games in order to earn XP, which then unlocks those rewards on the track.

Expansions are released every four months, so that’s the time you’ll have to earn everything — which is usually more than enough for most players.

Originally posted April 6, 2023. Updated April 11, 2023.

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