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The QueueApr 18, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Queue-cheus

Sometimes we Queue writers get accused of favoritism because we answer questions from specific people. In this case, it’s simply because nobody else really had questions today. That’s totally fine, but it can kinda put us in a slightly weird spot. However, since it gives me a chance to reuse this adorable header photo, I’m okay with it.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions, hopefully, because if not this is what you get.


Q4tQ Would Samus Aran be as popular if her name was pronounced like Seamus (SHAY-mus)?

…it’s not?

I will completely admit that this is part of being a specific brand of nerd, but there are a lot of words I mispronounce in my head that I find out later, mm, no, #JustEnglishThings. Or, alternately, just not-English things. A big surprise for me, for instance, was the pronunciation of Hippolyta in Lovecraft Country. I usually pronounced it like they do in Wonder Woman (hih-PAH-lih-tah) but Lovecraft Country is closer to the original Greek pronunciation (hih-poh-LIE-tuh).

This is also how we got away with mispronouncing Scholomance among ourselves for so long.


Q4tQ: 15 days until Patch 10.1, are you hyped?

There’s something about WoW lately that just has me feeling exhausted. Part of it is the ongoing struggle of all the Other Stuff going on around the whole Blizzard universe. Last week Overwatch and Hearthstone both saw major patches, the former of which I played for coverage’s sake, and the latter I was interested in on a more personal level — even though all I play is Battlegrounds, because the Constructed collection churn leaves me completely cold. Just trying to stay current on one of those with dailies and weeklies and seasonlies (it’s a word now) takes up almost all of what I’d consider my “free” time every day, so I’m just kinda slowly lagging on both. Then I also have everything else going on in my life — my hobby youtube channel, getting my garden up to speed for summer, and all the dozens of “fun” end-of-the-school-year events looming (today is “hat day,” and my son hates wearing hats but also wants to be included so I’m expecting a call from school any second).

Really, as always at this point, the central problem is that I’m not an irresponsible 22 year old with unlimited gaming time to burn.


Q4tQ Have you checked out Stray Gods yet?

Because of all that stuff I just mentioned, I had not, and I’m so incredibly pleased you brought Stray Gods to my attention because the tagline alone (“the roleplaying musical”) could not be any more specifically tailored to my interests unless all the characters were cute baby animals wearing bow ties and/or vests. I will definitely get around to checking it out… eventually.

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