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Discussion > WoWMay 3, 2023 8:00 am CT

How are you feeling about Dragonflight patch 10.1?

World of WarcraftDragonflight has seen patch 10.1 launch and by this reading you’ve likely gotten a chance to get your hands dirty with it. It’s a pretty dang substantial patch all told, with lots of new content in Zaralek Cavern, a new raid in Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible, Dragonflight Season 2 (starting next week), and a host of other changes. There’s a new upgrade system for gear moving forward in patch 10.1, there’s a new Mythic+ system — there’s just a lot.

When a patch this big comes along, we’re of course going to wonder what feature is the best one, or at least the one we end up enjoying the most. I mean, I have no idea if the nerf to Leech is anyone’s favorite, but I suppose it could be — maybe healers who were worried that tanks stacking Leech would put them out of a job can relax now. I definitely am curious to see how the changes to Balance and Feral Druids play out — will they actually achieve the build flexibility that the developers mention in the patch notes?

Oh, and while I’m not particularly jazzed for all the nerfs to Arms and Fury Warrior self healing, I do like that they’ve added Mortal Strike to the list of abilities that auto apply Rend, so that you won’t have to keep hitting Thunder Clap on single target fights. That’s a small but crucial upgrade if you ask me.

There’s  a lot of stuff in this patch, more than I can easily list. So I guess I’ll just come out and ask — what do you think of patch 10.1 after getting to finally see it? Are you excited to explore the Embers of Neltharion or do you maybe feel like you didn’t get enough time with patch 10.0.7? And what was your favorite change that the patch has brought us?

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