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HearthstoneMay 9, 2023 10:00 am CT

Here are all the rewards on the new track for Battlegrounds Season 4

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 4 is almost here, bringing a brand-new rewards track with it. These rewards are themed after music, going along with the latest expansion, Festival of Legends.

As has always been the case, the track contains free rewards that all players can get, as well as paid rewards for players who purchase the Season Pass — which can be obtained for 1500 Runestones from the in-game client, or for $15 from the Battle.Net shop.

So let’s find out what exactly you can get from the new track, whether you’re playing with or without the pass.

Which free rewards are on the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track for Season 4?

Here are all the free rewards on the Season 4 Battlegrounds Track, available to all players:

  • 5 Hero Skins:
    • 1 Legendary:
      • DJ Manastorm
    • 2 Epic:
      • Country Kragg
      • Mixmaster N’zoth
    • 2 Rare:
      • MC Scabbs
      • Tavernwave Tavish
  • 1 Rare Strike, which upgrades to Epic later in the track:
    • Doom Symphony
  • 3 Rare Emotes:
    • Applauding E.T.C
    • Nevermind, A.F.Kay
    • Radnar Horns

Which paid rewards are included on the Season 4 Hearthstone Battlegrounds Track?

And these are the paid rewards on the Season 4 Battlegrounds Track, available for the players who decide to purchase the Season Pass (including the fantastic Lofi Girl-inspired Study Kay, depicted above):

  • 15 Hero Skins:
    • 4 Legendary:
      • E.T.C., King of Rock
      • Mister Mukla
      • Sire Melodious
      • Study Kay
    • 3 Epic:
      • Bru’kan, Rock God
      • One-Vashj Band
      • The Pyramp 3000 // Pyramplifier
    • 8 Rare:
      • Enhance-o-musician
      • Entrancing Ysera
      • Glitch_CoilST0RM.ini // Glitchvibe Ini
      • Merch Manager Silas
      • Punk-Pop Vol’jin
      • Rocker Rokara
      • Showstopper Alexstrasza
      • Vanndar Stormpipes
  • 1 Rare Strike, which upgrades to Epic and then again to Legendary later in the track:
    • World Tour
  • 9 Rare Emotes:
    • DJ Manastorm
    • Entrancing Ysera
    • Happy Blingtron
    • Kragg Love
    • MC Scabbs, No
    • MC Scabbs, Yes
    • One-Vashj Band
    • Sad Rocker Rokara
    • Whistling Mukla
  • A Rare Bartender:
    • Paparazzo Gro’kan
  • A Rare Board:
    • E.T.C.’s Main Stage

Keep in mind that you won’t get all of the cosmetics as soon as you purchase the Season Pass: you’ll still need to play games, unlocking rewards on the track as you accrue XP. Each level on the track has a new reward up for players with the pass, while people without it get a reward every few levels.

Season 4 should last for about four months, which is plenty of time for most players to earn everything. Have fun!

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