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The QueueMay 22, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Sobbing about raccoons

I’m still mad at James Gunn for the whole Henry Cavill fiasco but my word he knows how to break your heart with a talking raccoon.


Q4tQ Music Bingo: good or bad?

It seems harmless enough although I wouldn’t do well playing it.


Q4TQ: Guardian druids: are they as bad as everyone says they are? If so, what changes would you make to get them more inline with their fellow tanks?

No class is ever as bad as people think it is. I’ve been saying this since 2007, and I’ve believed it since before that. Back in BC, everyone thought Warriors were busted and bad tanks because their AoE wasn’t as good as Druids and Paladins and they couldn’t tank most of the really trash heavy pulls in dungeons and some raids while I was taking all that stuff as a Warrior. Was it easy? No. Both Druids and Paladins had better AoE tools than I did. But it wasn’t impossible, and likewise, when people decided that Druids and Paladins couldn’t tank raid bosses like Illidan because they didn’t have Shield Block to push Shear off of the table?

My guild had a Paladin tank Illidan and a Druid do it the week after. Did I tank it first? Yes. Was it easier to keep me healed? Also yes. But it was doable. The problem is that the community is often influenced by what’s optimal — the mathematically best class for a given role based on the best possible gearing and assuming equivalent skill at utilizing the class toolset — and confuses that for what is actual.

There will always be classes at the top of the pecking order based on things that exist, but aren’t necessarily as important as everyone seems to think they are. The tank that Liquid picks to complete raid content at a World First level is one chosen to be as optimized as possible because they’re doing these fights essentially undergeared, without weeks of farming content — and so they tend to inflate the difference between, say, a Blood DK and a Protection Warrior, or as Guardian Druid, or a Vengeance Demon Hunter.

I would say that Guardian is as much a victim of public perception as they are mechanically disadvantaged. I’m not saying they don’t need help, but I am saying that they can absolutely do the job.


I have switched mains from Mage to Evoker. I’ve mained mage since the end of Wrath, and the mage has LOTS of stuff unlocked. I’ve started on filling some of the quality-of-life gaps I’ve become used to on my mage – a fully fleshed WoD garrison with auctioneer, for example. Any suggestions for things I should prioritize for making life on my Evoker easier? (I have the basic stuff like the teleport cloaks and Dalaran teleport ring.)

I mean, I don’t have all of that stuff on my main and never really noticed the lack, so I think you sound like you’re doing fine. Can Evokers get the Firelands legendary staff? If so get that.


The way Loamm is spelled makes me want to pronounce it as “Loh-ahm” even though I know it’s wrong.

So many people pronounce my last name as “Rosy” and I’m frankly baffled whenever I hear it.


*Flashbacks to Gul’Dan*

WE COULD’VE PREVENTED THIS WHOLE THING. He was RIGHT THERE. He was screwed and he knew it. But we had to free him so the expansion could happen.

Yeah, that one in particular got to me at the time. I’m pretty sure there are recordings of me on the podcast flipping out over that — something along the lines of If you see Gul’dan helpless before you stab him immediately and don’t stop until he’s a smear on the ground.

I mean, I’m responsible for the deaths of Varian and Vol’jin. So pretty much the whole Legion invasion of Azeroth, the destruction of the World Tree and the deaths of thousands, the Jailer’s near-destruction of the world, all because I didn’t stab a guy that literally everyone knows should be stabbed, including me. It is irritation itself.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. Cory is gonna be here on Thursday unless I forget and write the Queue because I’m just used to doing it. Oh, and I keep listening to various Diablo soundtracks, so just consider that the song, okay?

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