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The QueueJun 28, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: oh wow

My brain is a little fried right now, so I’m just gonna get right to it.

So let’s Queue it.


Q4tQ: A wizard appears and casts a spell, trapping you in a dimension where time only moves for you until complete your gaming backlog. How old are you when you emerge?

I guess it depends on 1) if food and water exist in this dimension and 2) how intensely you make the official backlog. I have a lot of games from over the years I’ve never finished, or ones I bought during a Steam sale or part of a Humble bundle or whatever, and I wouldn’t exactly say they’re high on my priority list to finish. They’re not what I’d consider part of my “Primary Backlog,” but they’re still games I own and have not completed.

Regardless, I’d either be dead (see: 1) or somewhere under a year. If that’s literally all I’m allowed to do, even if all of the games I have take 80 hours to complete, that’s two games per week, or over 100 games in a year. I don’t think my backlog is quite that big, nor will all the games take 80 hours. Do I need to sleep? If I have to sleep and succumb to the normal effects of staring at a screen all day, that changes things. But if I’m an invincible, unstoppable force that needs to sleep or food or water and do not get screen fatigue, I can power through my backlog, no matter how big it is.

…Or I guess technically I’d be the same age? If time doesn’t move until I finish the backlog, then I feel like I’d emerge the same age but without the burden of the backlog. Perhaps I’ve overthought this.


Q4tQ: if dragonriding was added to all flying mounts, which mounts would you most like to see it on?

For me, the main one is Tarecgosa’s Visage; getting the legendary staff and then the mount meant a lot to me, and I think it’d look majestic if it could properly fly. I’d also like to see the long worm-type mounts from the N’zoth era, because those buggers would squirm through the air at such high speeds and it’d be hilarious.

I don’t care if it makes no sense, give it to the Hallow’s End brooms (and keep the instant-mount feature).

Otherwise, Tyrael’s Charger is another go-to mount for me because of how cool it looks in Shadowform. I’m not sure how it would feel visually, but it would be cool to zoom at incredible speeds on that thing.


So here’s a Whovian question for the Queue:

If the Doctor were real in WoW, which doctor would you travel with and what point of warcraft history would be in danger (come on, we all know when the doctor’s around, it’s danger)

I know I’m in the minority here, but Capaldi is my favorite Doctor (in terms of NuWho), so I’d travel around with that version of The Doctor.

Rather than go big-picture “you have to make sure Cataclysm happens!” I think I’d like to see something much more small and intimate (think, the Van Gogh episode of Doctor Who). I haven’t done much with my character’s backstory, despite going all-in on the Forsaken angle. So maybe I go back in time and look at my life before I die and have to talk to myself (who wouldn’t recognize Forsaken-Me) and make something happen (or not happen).

Alternatively, let’s just go big silly, campy Who and say the Cybermen and Daleks have worked together to go back in time to the Black Empire and are trying to make some massive Old God-Dalek-Cybermen hybrid. We probably wouldn’t stop them at first and would totally get a look at an Old God that would feel at home in Hearthstone.


It’s very doable to do all of June’s trading post stuff in 1 day right? Or should I give it 2 just in case?

I mean, yes, it’s technically very doable… but it’s always better to have wiggle room in case something goes wrong or you forget how to do math.


Hmm, I have enough Barter Boulders to buy the mount.

Question is, do I buy it now or wait until I have enough to buy the Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome hat?

I know some of the comments said not to worry about the hat, but I’m a firm believer in always making Doug Dimmadome: Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome references.

So go for the hat.


Do you all think we’re done with gold sinks or we’ll get more?

I kinda wanna stop doing gold WQs but without mission tables I’m not comfortable getting shot in the foot of they add a millions gold mount down the track. But we haven’t had a good sink since BFA, so it really feels like they’ve settled on gold as a player economy currency and each new expansion has it’s own currency

I don’t think we’ll ever be done with gold sinks, because the economy in WoW regularly changes, but I’m not sure it’s going to be something we see in Dragonflight — and if we do, probably not until the final patch.

Of course, “gold sink” is relative. The WoW Token is up to 300k gold right now, which means a half-a-million gold sink might be nothing to one person, where someone who can’t afford microtransactions and plays more casually might consider even 100k a gold sink.

That’s The Queue for today! Please leave lots of questions for tomorrow’s writer, and have a great Wednesday!

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