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The QueueJul 28, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Wait, am I supposed to be here today?

I mean I am definitely here, but this feels early… And if I’m here, where’s Liz?

These time streams are all sorts of messed up!

While I try to sort that out, it’s time for — The Queue!


QftQ: I’m a scribe and I sell glyphs on the AH to bring in gold. Legion introduced a lot of glyphs that are still very popular, but they all require sallow pigment. The best source of this is felwort, which is almost exclusively obtainable from a world quest that is up every three days.
Now in Dragonflight they’ve introduced glyphs that can only be made at the crafting tables AND require (expensive!) mats from other professions. Next xpac these are going to be hugely annoying to make. On the positive side they did make it much easier to mill old herbs so that’s a nice QoL change.
So what’s your biggest pet peeve with the crafting system, old or new? Do you like anything they’ve changed? What still needs work?

There are really good parts of the new crafting system, and some less good parts too. I love that I can place a work order and get a Bind on Pickup style item from someone else, whereas before that would’ve been limited to only having the profession. On the other hand, I don’t love that there are so very many talent points in Leatherworking and way fewer in other professions. I’ve still not even finished the whole Leather armor section, let alone started on the Mail armor.

What’s really been grinding my gears recently though is the extra hoops that I have to go through to get high-level crafted gear. You need two of the Wyrm’s Crests for Heroic quality items and four Aspect’s Crests for the Mythic quality — on top of a pile of Enchanting mats, and an Enchanter friend willing to make that for you. All before the mats you need to actually craft the regular item! It’s a big extra cost, especially since you need Dracothyst which are hovering around the 7,000 gold mark on the auction house.

Let me just slap the crests onto the item with a bedazzler and call it good!

My other giant annoyance is needing to clear out Brackenhide Hollow any time I want to craft any of the toxic stuff or pay out the nose for a portable cauldron of gross toxic gunk. Lemme just fly somewhere in the world and make my Toxic shoes!


QftQ: With all the Timey Wimey shenanigans going on in WoW, it feels like a great opportunity to do something in the Caverns of Time. What kinda new Dungeon or Raid would you like to see added there?

I want the Warcraft equivalent of a clip show. Lets take a trip through all of the little events that take place between expansions that aren’t quite big enough or game-y enough to actually make it into the game. Things like Thalyssra and Lorthemar’s wedding and things like that. We could easily have a couple of big fights and some trash in fancy wedding attire as we work to keep the wedding on track. Or we could go watch as the remnants of Yogg-Saron are relocked down by Mimiron — never to be seen again. Let’s also not forget that somehow Azshara got her hands on the Tidescepter after Legion so there must be a story there!

All of these are moments that we’re told about offscreen and would just be so nice to even get a quick glimpse into in a raid.


Q4tQ: what steam punk mode of transportation would you like to see the Gnomes transform into a mount next?

The penny-farthing bicycle! Let’s get some really big unwieldy wheels all covered in gears and other nonsense like that! The really fancy ones could even be hover penny-farthing bicycles! With really big wheels that float just above the ground of course.

Who knows, maybe we’d also get to see the latest and greatest in personal catapult technology in order for those Gnomes to even be able to get up onto the seat!


What’s your favourite title to use in WoW and why?

The Party Herald!

Not only does it remind me of my favorite part of Shadowlands. But it was also a long journey of meticulously planning possibly practically perfect parties per play period. On top of all the fond memories, it’s also a really fun title. It tells a story, and that story is you wanna be partying with this bear.


Do you think we should/could have another class-focused expansion like we did with Legion. How would you structure one? We’ve already found and expended the power of the artifacts–would we find…slightly worse but still powerful artifacts?

Artifact armor doesn’t work because then we’d be locking out too many potential gear upgrade slots. Artifact weapons have been done before. So have extra talent trees.

I think that we could be ok without a big borrowed power focus as we had with the Artifact weapons in a new class-focused expansion, as long as there were cool cosmetics to unlock and lots more content that was tailored right to what we were playing. It really let it feel like our class identity mattered more than just what our attacks look like and which buffs we brought to raid fights.

Honestly though, I just want an expanded Druid shape-shift selection and maybe a customization menu for our forms like the Dragonriding options. I would camp any rare spawn on the World (of Warcraft) if it meant that my bear could look even 1% cooler.


But, also, Cory, since you’re still out there and listening, what is your absolutely fatal earworm? Something that absorbs all available processor cycles in your head once you think about it?

I can’t just tell you that! Then I wouldn’t be able to save it for my last-ever Queue! It wouldn’t be a surprise anymore, gosh.

I will say that I’ve had that particular song hip-pocketed and ready to go ever since the first Anna Earworm™ and I definitely won’t spoil it even if you guessed correctly. I will say that it’s very on-brand for me and it’d be guaranteed to stick in Anna’s head. 100%.

It’s got everything! A good cadence, easily recognizable words to sing along with, and emotions! It’s basically the perfect earworm.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Blame Brett

Have a great weekend everyone! Make sure to leave lots of questions for your Monday writer. Who knows who it’ll be?! It could be anyone, even Mitch!

It’ll most likely be me though.

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