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The QueueAug 4, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Just quein’ right along

In this house (this Queue) we love and respect Ted Lasso. I will not be taking questions at this time.

…well, okay, it’s the Queue and the whole point is to answer questions, so I guess I’ll do a few. Let’s Queue.


Alright I’m taking advantage of 3 months of Apple TV. Anyone have any show recommendations? I already got Mystic Quest and Schmigadoon on my list.

Ted Lasso.

I am not usually much for comedies, which can often feel forced. I am not usually one for sports. And I’m not… wasn’t… particularly a fan of Jason Sudeikis. All put together it basically means it was a miracle that I ever even attempted to watch this show, but everyone was talking about it and my good pal Cory was particularly enthusiastic about the show.

So I tried it. And it melted my cold heart with its simple, heartfelt joy. The show walks a very fine line: it would be easy for Ted’s earnest cheer to become cheesy. But somehow it walks a tightrope where you are caught up in Ted’s enthusiasm. You want him to succeed against the rest of the world’s cynicism. And often he does, and brings others along with him and it feels great.

And how often do we feel great these days of bad news doomscrolling? Not often enough. So watch Ted Lasso. Briefly feel better about existing. It’s worth it even if you don’t get Apple TV for free.


Is everyone in Northrend dead? With no Bolvar reining in the Scourge they must be running wild and murdering everybody.

We’re told there must always be a Lich King. But the Lich King is what keeps the Scourge organized, working together, fighting together. The Lich King is the one who can plan and strategize their actions. Without a leader, the Scourge simply exist. Sure, they’re violent and destructive, but without a leader they’re essentially mindless. Disorganized. Dangerous but not necessarily as dangerous as they were before.

There must always be a Lich King, but have we ever really tried not having a Lich King? Really tried?

So let’s try it. Kick the Lich King out. Let chaos reign. Let our ability to think and strategize bring us victory over the shambling undead hordes. We’ve got this.


Do you think a future Infinite Dragonflight-focused patch should bring back the Torghast roguelike gameplay system as a new solo challenge where each wing/different floors are reused parts of old zones and dungeons/raids? Personally I’d like to be able to earn outdoor-relevant gear like with Horrific Visions through such a system but I’d be fine with just collectables.

But I like the idea of going to the Outland History wing and getting random floors that send you to Frostfire Ridge to fight Infinites and gronn, then Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) to fight a netherdragon boss, then onto Tanaan Jungle to fight the Iron Horde, etc

I had not previously considered this but now a desperately want it.


If Rogues hadn’t beat them to it, do you think Shadow Priests would have gotten a teleport to another person’s shadow type spell?

You know, I think it’s time for classes to learn to start sharing. Something of this kind is thematically appropriate for both classes in different ways. So why not? Give Shadow priests their own way to leap across the battlefield. Let Warlocks have Metamorphosis back. Don’t ask why: ask why not.


Q4Liz: What would it take for you to join up with the Old Gods?

You know, the Old Gods make some good points. N’Zoth only ever wanted to help us. Could the Old Gods really do worse for Azeroth than has already been done? Why choose some lesser or intermediate evil when we could jump straight to the Old Gods?

Azeroth is perilous, so offer some basic comforts and I’m there. Maybe hot chocolate and fresh cookies. Do you think the Old Gods make good cookies? I bet they make good cookies. Possibly cookies that leave you with an extra eye on your forehead, but still good.


I hate headaches. Why do we even have headaches?

Because life is hard and wants us to suffer. Which is why we — or at least why I — spend so much time playing video games and watching TV. The only pain there is fictional pain. And also Ted Lasso.

And that’s all for today, my friends. I hope you have an excellent weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week. In the meantime, BELIEVE.

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