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The QueueAug 11, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: We are, as always, the Queue

Another day, another Queue. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Do you have alts in your guild or just your main?

I do have a number of alts in my guild, including one that’s max level (a Warlock) and a smattering of slightly lower (a Shaman, a Warrior, a Druid). But I don’t play them very much: they’re the occasional distraction, and I know enough about each to play them passingly, enough to solo, but I’m not actually good at any of them.

I only have so much time and so much brainpower, and I keep both focused on playing my main relatively well (at least as well as I can). Alts are just in the guild to be social and hang out — I remain a Paladin through and through, even as I am surrounded by people with dozens of alts. I’m not sure if I’m weird or if everyone else is. (Maybe both.)


Thoughts on a big surprise announcement at Blizzcon?

I think there needs to be a surprise of some kind, but I honestly can’t think what. I suspect we’ll hear about a WoW expansion, Diablo expansion,a nd Hearthstone expansion. There’s no doubt going to be news about Warcraft Rumble, which just changed its name, and maybe we’ll hear more about the unnamed survival game Blizzard is working on.

That would all be exciting, but not really surprising. I’m not sure what Blizzard can do to surprise us these days.


Do dryads drink water like people, or like giraffes?

Since they have humanoid faces and lack extremely long necks, I suspect they would drink water just like other people.

Except giraffes are people too, right? They would drink water just like other people-shaped people.


QftQ: I’ve got a Logitech Gaming Mouse. After years, it’s starting to misbehave, Double-Clicking on things, when I only click once. How do you clean or repair that? It’s not a settings issue, I’ve checked. There’s no screws or anything on the device, so I can’t easily open, and I feel it might break, if I try to force it open.

Sometimes these things aren’t worth the time or energy to repair, but if you are keen on keeping what you have instead of throwing it in the trash, I recommend checking iFixit. It’s a site that’s all about repairing tech instead of throwing it away — even if it’s not meant to be repaired, even if it voids the warranty, even if it’s just a lot of trouble. The site has step-by-step guides for lots of common repairs for lots of products. You’ll see offers to buy their tools and/or replacement parts, but the site doesn’t badger you and you don’t need them.

They may not have advice for decade-old mice, but here’s iFixit’s page on Logitech mice. Even if your mouse isn’t there, you might find something similar with hints as to how to get into the thing and clean it or repair it.


Q: so Red, how are you enjoying the latest Hearthstone expansion?

Man, if you want to ask questions of yourself, you can write your own Queue!

And that’s all I have for now my friends. I hope you are doing well and that you have a great weekend. I’ll see you on the flip side, back here next week.

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