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The QueueAug 25, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: In which Cory provides most of the questions

Questions questions questions, the master wants murder.

The master also wants questions, and Cory is always there to provide. But, you know, next Thursday maybe someone else would also ask some questions. That’d be pretty great. They don’t (necessarily) have to be about music, either! You can ask any question you’d like.

I may not have an answer to every question, but it’s always nice to be asked, you know?

So let’s set about answering Cory’s questions. (And maybe a few others.)


Q4tQ: will you be playing WoW Classic Hardcore?

My answer is a solid no, but if I was playing Classic, I’d do it just to see how quickly I could die on purpose.

I find Hardcore gameplay to be fascinating. The high stakes. The care everyone has to take to make it through dungeons and raids I wiped in a hundred times, a thousand times. How many times did you wipe in the whelp room in way back in original UBRS because someone accidentally pulled a whelp, which turned into two whelps, which turned into 20 whelps, which turned into a TPK? If you played during that era, you’ve been there, more than once.

So I admire the people who play Hardcore. But I have no interest in doing it myself. I’ll stick to my death-happy life, thanks.


Q4tPodcast: if a Vampire drinks the Hulks blood does it die of radiation poisoning or does it become a Vampire Hulk?

With comic-lovers Joe and Matt, we’re sure to get around to this on the actual podcast, but my opinion is that the vampire has to succeed on a very high CON save.


Q4tQ: What would your first royal decree be if you were the Vampire Monarch of Earth-1610 and also a Hulk?

I think I’d start by executing everyone who doesn’t use serial commas. As Vampire Monarch/Hulk I can really do whatever I want, and I think I’d end this grammatical confusion immediately.


Q4Liz: if you were made Enpress of Wow for a day, what would your first proclamation be?

I would demand an invitation to Lor’themar and Thalyssra’s wedding. I don’t care that it’s already happened: time travel is a thing, so let’s use it for something actually worthwhile and attend the biggest party Azeroth has ever seen, which coincidentally we were not invited to.


Q4Liz: What is Queens best song and why is it The Show Must Go On

I am actually only passingly familiar with Queen’s music. I know the songs that you can’t avoid knowing if you exist in the world, but not really anything beyond that.

With that in mind, I have to point out the best choreography to a Queen song. I will not be taking further questions on this matter.


Q4Liz: If you won a billion dollars in a lottery what kind of selfish things would you do for yourself with the money? Don’t say pay peoples rent and buy houses and cars for loved ones, or support worthy causes because I have the utmost faith in you that you’d do good things with the money too. I wanna know the things you’d do just for you with that money. Giant aquarium full of cute turtles? Commission artists to carve marble statues of your Warcraft characters?

I would go to Disneyland and stay there until I ran out of money.

Well, maybe not until I ran out of money, but for a good long while, in the Grand Californian where you basically walk out of your hotel room and into the park. I would dine on bread cones full of macaroni and cheese and dole whips floats. (That sounds ridiculous, but Disney does have really good food.) I would pay to skip every line and spend at least a solid day doing endless loops of the Haunted Mansion. There’s plenty to occupy oneself with, and if you get bored, with a billion dollars, you could just go to a different Disney park to compare. Fly to Florida for Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Hit Disneyland in Paris and Hong Kong. And when you get bored of them just repeat the cycle.

Then maybe I would adopt a baby hippo. They’re such precious little murder machines, I love them. (I’d also need staff to look after the hippo and a significant budget to feed it, but that wouldn’t be a problem.)

Maybe then I can think about the aquarium full of cute turtles. Do you think turtles get along with hippos? Maybe there’s just a very large aquarium. Perhaps it also has otters? Some capybaras?

So, yes, I think I have selfish things to do with a billion dollars covered. I mean, sure, there are good things to do, but I’d do them while going on the most ridiculous Disney vacation that could be conceived.


Q4tQ: With just 1 week left in August, any gaming goals you hope to finish before the glorious month of September begins?

I’m not sure where August went, but it’s almost gone. I really need to make some progress on Diablo 4 Season 1 so it isn’t a mad rush to finish later, and I want to get all of the Kalimdor Cup transmog, but I’ve barely found any time for video games lately.

Hopefully I can carve out a few hours for some of this before the month is out.

And that’s all for now, my friends. rjagoda, I hope you are doing well (or as well as can be), and I hope everyone else is doing well also. We have all survived another week in this crazy world, and now must rest to be ready to fight the next. Onwards, friends, to victory! Victory over time itself!

I’ll see you all back here next week, but until then, take care.

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