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WoWAug 28, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Race in the Kalimdor Cup for transmog rewards (or just for fun)

Dragonflight patch 10.1.5 didn’t unlock flight in the old world (yet), but players can get a taste of Dragonriding on one of the original continents of World of Warcraft in the Kalimdor Cup, a series of Dragonriding races that take place across the continent. The Kalimdor Cup ran from August 15th until September 4th, but as a World Event, there’s always a possibility it’ll be back someday. There are total of 16 new courses to fly, with at least one in almost every zone in Kalimdor:

  • Felwood Flyover, in Felwood
  • Nordrassil Spiral and Hyjal Hotfoot, in Mount Hyjal
  • Rocketway Ride, in Azshara
  • Durotar Tour, in Durotar
  • Desolace Drift, in Desolace
  • Razorfen Roundabout, in the Southern Barrens
  • Feralas Ruins Ramble, in Feralas
  • Uldum Tour, in Uldum
  • Ashenvale Ambit, in Ashenvale
  • Winter Wander, in Winterspring
  • Webwinder Weave, in Stonetalon Mountains
  • Great Divide Dive, in the Northern Barrens
  • Thousand Needles Thread, in Thousand Needles
  • Ahn’Qiraj Circuit, in the outdoor version of Ahn’Qiraj south of Silithus
  • Un’goro Crater Circuit, in Un’goro Crater

Each of these races will come in regular, advanced, and reverse varieties — just like the the races on the Dragon Isles — and completing them all with a gold medal will reward the Kalimdor Racer title. While your regular Dragonriding mounts don’t quite work yet in the old world, don’t worry; you’ll be given a Dragonriding mount specifically for the race that will work the same as one of the mounts you’re already used to — for example, the Riders of Azeroth Drake.

Of course, achievements and titles aren’t all you can expect to win for your time racing. Completing races will also reward you with Riders of Azeroth Badges — one badge for Bronze, two badges for Silver, or three badges for Gold. Some quick math shows that that means you can win 144 badges total, with an additional quest for the Kalimdor Cup rewarding 10 badges. You can spend these back in Valdrakken with Maztha (who longtime Horde players will recognize as Orgrimmar’s long-serving flight master!) to obtain various cosmetic items:

The nice part about this is that if you complete the races with a gold on normal, you can almost buy the whole armor set — so if all you want is the cosmetics, you won’t have to worry about the tricky reverse courses at all. See you at the races!

Originally posted August 10, 2023. Updated September 5, 2023.

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