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WoWSep 5, 2023 11:45 am CT

Everything coming with WoW patch 10.1.7, including new story quests, Dreamsurges overtaking the Dragon Isles, Night Elf and Forsaken Heritage Armor, and much more

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 continues Blizzard’s rapid patch roll-out schedule with another major content update that continues the Dragonflight story with lots of new quests, a new world event, new heritage armor and customization, new Dragonriding races, and holiday updates for Hallow’s End and other fall events.

I can hardly blame you if you’re having trouble keeping up with this speedy patch cycle, so I put together this list of highlights to help you jump into patch 10.1.7 well-informed and ready for the latest content when patch 10.1.7 rolls out later today.  Here are the major features in patch 10.1.7:

  • New story quests:
    • The main story quest continues in patch 10.1.7 as we continue to puzzle out Iridikron’s plan and deal with Fyrakk’s Shadowflame-fueled powers. The Primal Incarnates are no longer quite in lockstep with one another, and it should be interesting to see how this dragon drama plays out. We’re also continuing to work on restoring Tyr, but don’t expect the watcher to pop up and rescue us. (At least not yet.)
    • New Heritage Armor and customizations will come with associated racial quests, with Heritage Armor quests for Night Elves and Forsaken as well as a Draenei-centric chain that unlocks new Eredar skin color options. The Draenei story won’t be going live with the patch, but will be available on September 12.
    • The 10.1.7 story quests are leading us into the next major patch: 10.2, due out later this year. Patch 10.2 will be the start of Dragonflight Season 3, and though we aren’t yet quite sure where that will take us, we should have a pretty good idea after the 10.1.7 story plays out.
  • Dreamsurges event: The latest open world event is much like previous events: Dreamsurges will rotate through the four main Dragon Isles zones weekly, adding new events, World Quests, rare mobs, and even bosses — as well as new gear to go with it.  Each week, Waking Dream Portals will spawn intermittently throughout a particular zone, triggering Dreamsurge activities or rare spawns. If you’re eager to get started, we have a guide on how to complete Dreamsurges, where you’ll be able to earn gear up to ilevel 415.
  • Dawn of the Infinite Heroic difficulty:  The game’s latest megadungeon will remain the same, but now there will be a Heroic difficulty, with two four-boss wings you’ll be able to queue for rather than running this eight-boss dungeon as a Mythic difficulty marathon. Look for the wings Galakrond’s Fall and Murozond’s Rise to be available in the dungeon finder when the patch goes live.
  • New customization options:
    • New Heritage Armor for Night Elves and Forsaken, leaving Trolls as the last vanilla race without Heritage Armor.
    • New customization options for Night Elves, Forsaken, and Draenei, with Draenei getting Eredar appearance options.
  • Holiday updates:
    • Hallow’s End is getting a quest overhaul, with a new story questline that lets us learn more about the history of the Headless Horseman, plus an updated Headless Horseman encounter, complete with a new hard mode difficulty.
    • Hallow’s End, Brewfest, Pilgrim’s Bounty, Day of the Dead, and Pirate’s Day are all getting new rewards.
  • New Dragonriding races:
    • We still don’t have dragonriding in the old world, but we are getting a new series of races in the Eastern Kingdoms with the Eastern Kingdoms Cup. This won’t be live with the patch, but is due to start in early October.
    • New Dragonriding Challenge Courses are coming to the Dragon Isles.
  • Ping system: This new feature adds an easy communication option, letting you quickly send messages to your party like attack, assist, warning, or on my way. This is a staple in many other multiplayer games, and hopefully it will make it easier to communicate even with a party that isn’t in voice chat. We have a guide on using the new ping system to help you get started.
  • Real time chat moderation: We don’t know much about this one as it isn’t something that could easily be tested on the PTR, but whispers “that may contain harassing chat” will now be hidden automatically. You can go to Options > Social > Censor Messages to enable or disable this feature.
  • Pre-Cataclysm transmogs: Hundreds of world drops and rare drops that were lost to time have been restored for your transmog-hunting pleasure.
  • Easily sell junk: A new “sell all junk” button will let you quickly sell vendor trash without sorting through your inventory.

There aren’t yet final patch notes for 10.1.7, but if you want more details you can check out the patch 10.1.7 PTR development notes — just be aware that some things may have changed from the PTR to live. When the final patch notes are posted, we’ll add them here.

Originally written February 3, 2023; updated September 5, 2023

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