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The QueueSep 20, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: In the mountains…

I took a nice, relaxing weekend in the Smoky Mountains with the partner and some friends, inclusive of a long and at times terrifying hike up one of said mountains. It was awesome! Nature is pretty freaking rad, and the views were incredible. But you know what I couldn’t get out of my head the entire time?

Thorim’s dang “In the mountains…” line. It’s seared into my brain. Forever and ever, permanently associated with anything mountain-related. I am cursed.

Anyhow, this isn’t about that. This is about you.

And The Queue.


QftQ: Did y’all know that Salisbury steak is a health food? And what’s your favorite eponym? Am not sure about mine, but I I know that shrapnel is a family name.

I am dubious of that claim, but as a vegetarian, I don’t have to know! 😗

As to your eponym question: Someone actually mentioned this, but “sideburns” coming from General Ambrose Burnside has always stuck with me. I couldn’t give you a great explanation for why, but it’s one of those facts that’s always made me chuckle a little.


Q4tQ Would you play a Hearthstone MMO?

World of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (WoHHoW, for short) could totally work as an MMO and, if I actually had time for it, I would totally try it out.

Sure, yes, it sounds silly — but hear me out.

Hearthstone itself encompasses many worlds, which could easily become their own “zones” in a Hearthstone MMO. You wouldn’t need to necessarily be in Azeroth the whole time; maybe you start in a tavern with a friendly game of Hearthstone, only to find the game pieces speaking to you. Before you know it, you’ve been transported into the world of the game board you were playing.

After a brief intro, you’re told that the world of Hearthstone is usually self-contained (albeit multiversal) but the bounds between reality are breaking, and the multiverse of Hearthstone is seeping into the real Azeroth! You collect cards and build your deck by exploring the various world of Hearthstone. Using Magic™ you can even turn powerful enemies into cards, helping contain the reality-breaking Bad Magic™ they’re using to break into Azeroth.

Occasionally, you DO return to Azeroth, for a quick trek to a new inn that’s suffering from a new reality tear. Cameos! Familiar locations! Easter eggs!

Over time, you build your deck (and re-build your deck) to become the ultimate hero of World of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft!

Yeah, sure, why not? I’d play that.

Oh, um. I guess that’s it. Y’all didn’t really ask things yesterday. The Queue giveth and The Queue taketh, I suppose.

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