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The QueueSep 25, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Remember Brewfest?!

It’s back, in pog form!

Wait, have I made this joke before…

Anyway, this is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually done anything at Brewfest. Usually, I just run a single Coren Direbrew to see if I get obnoxiously lucky and collect a mount I already have. Otherwise, there hasn’t been enough of an update in so long that I haven’t felt the need — which is a shame! I like the whole vibe that it has, but I spent far too much time working on it back in the day to get the original Racing Ram. However this year with the Brewfest-themed saddle and it being an easy source of Trading Post Tender I’ve been back a few times to run some barrels around — and just like riding a bike, I remembered the route.

While I drink some more coffee to sober up, it’s time for — The Queue!


If druids could get a brand new form what would you want it to be?

not just a new shape/animal for an existing form (travel/flight/etc) but a brand new form with a new purpose. PS it can be a joke suggestion

I’d want an Ancient of War form! Your role in the raid could be to spawn extra raiders to help kill the boss. You’d have to spend your talent points to upgrade the raiders you created of course. You’d start with a bunch of noobs in last season’s gear, but with proper talent points, you could get a few halfway-decent people to round out your crew!

Finally, every raid could have every buff as long as they brought just one Druid!

Augmentation Evokers were just the beginning, soon we’ll see giant trees required for every 3000 Dungeon Score pushing group and Race to World First team.

I’m probably just joking, but also I don’t hate it! Of course, in a real implementation, you’d probably just play like a Demonology Warlock who summoned various Druid-y units, but I also don’t hate that either…


How is Bacardi doing this week?

He’s just been busy catting it up!

He tends to throw up a lot — which is a thing that we’ve tried to nail down a cause for but the Vets have just shrugged — and this week he hasn’t been doing that which is always nice.

Last night we also had a coyote howling in the park behind our house and he got really interested in what was going on outside when that happened! He’s not even that interested in my lady friend’s St. Bernard when it comes to hang out in the backyard.


What bird do you think needs to be turned into an option for Druid flight form?

I was tempted to say something majestic like what we already have. Just like Gandalf I could throw more eagles at the problem and see if it gets better.

However, I think it’d be infinitely funnier if we got a large flightless bird to be our next Flight Form. Let’s see some Emus or Ostritches flapping around Amirdrassil! Sure they can’t fly on Earth, but on Azeroth and in the Emerald Dream? Who knows! Maybe they’re like bumble bees and all of the aerodynamical science says that they can’t, but they do it anyways!


What’s your favorite drink? What’s your favorite food?

Favorite drink? In no particular order

  • Red Bull
  • Coffee
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Mountain Dew
  • A nice dark beer
  • A nice blended frozen cocktail
  • Cider
  • Hot Chocolate

I’m usually drinking one of the above! Who needs water anyway…

My favorite food is either a quality sushi sampler platter or a nice Thai curry. Although the food I likely eat the most of is burgers and when you get a really good one of those where all the toppings really work well together it’s super hard to beat.


When do you know it’s time to stop playing WoW?

In the short term, I’d say if you need to use the bathroom, haven’t done anything important, and or have eaten anything that day. In the long term which I think that I’ve noticed you talking about that’s a bit trickier.

World of Warcraft has a big weight of history behind it for players like us. We’ve spent nearly two decades in Azeroth watching it grow and change and making friends and killing dragons — that can be a hard thing to walk away from.

I think for me it’d be when I get absolutely no pleasure out of the game anymore. Some days I know that I’m not as jazzed to raid, and if that started being me all the time I don’t think I’d want to force myself to keep going. Likewise, if the content that was coming out wasn’t even lighting the flame in my heart, let alone setting my world on fire. If Warcraft is starting to feel more like a chore than a source of pleasure it might be time to hit pause on it at least for a little while.

I wouldn’t say do anything drastic like delete all of your characters, but skipping a month or two of a sub and coming back later isn’t the worst idea. Maybe you just need to go out and beat a few other games that have, y’know, endings. I know that when I took my big break from mid-Burning Crusade to Icecrown Citadel what I wound up missing most was the sense of community that I just couldn’t get in the same way from Halo multiplayer.

Nowadays though it’s way easier to stay in contact with the people you really want to. So maybe you’ll get your fix of fun camaraderie from hanging out with us in The Queue while you spend your time playing other things.


Is booping Bacardi really good luck for the Vault or do we only think it’s good luck and when we get something good we believe it’s because of the boop and ignore the boop when we don’t have good luck?

I know I feel luckier after booping so I’m gonna say it’s really good luck.

Any time you don’t get something good it just means that you must’ve had a big backlog of bad luck and he’s only one cat. Keep booping and I’m sure that your luck will change any day now!

But just for video game loot, nothing important like winning the lottery or asking that pretty person out on a date.


Does Rashok die this week? For either of us?

Not this week for me! Hopefully for you soon!

We did get to the soft enrage where he’s destroyed the crucible on the floor so you can’t clear your debuff anymore, so progress! But we still needed another 30% damage to finish him off…

So we’ve gotten the hang of dodging waves more or less, and now we just need a few pulls in the more category and some good luck and I’m sure we’ll have him in no time…

Here’s an extreme close-up of Bacardi for extreme luck! I’m sure that’s how that works… Just remember that if you don’t get a good thing in your vault maybe the luck has gotten lost on the way to your vault and you’re really gonna get a shiny new mount from that raid that you’ve been farming forever! If you can see it that is…

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Tubthumping

Welcome to Fall everyone, let’s try and make it a great one! You can help to make it a little better by leaving Anna lots of questions for tomorrow!

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