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WoWOct 17, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Dragons and destinations in War of the Scaleborn that we may see in WoW in the future

The upcoming World of Warcraft companion novel War of the Scaleborn tells of the events that transpired 20,000 years ago after the defeat of Galakrond until its end with the imprisonment of all four Primal Incarnates. While the novel illuminates and expands on information that players have learned during the course of the campaign in Dragonflight, it doesn’t provide information on what’s next for the Dragonflights or the Incarnates in World of Warcraft. That said, there are some places and a few named dragons that are new in the book which could see a return in the future.

This article contains minor spoilers for War of the Scaleborn.

The Dragon Isles are so developed in Dragonflight that it’s easy to forget that the dragons’ ancestral home is the region of Northrend now known as Dragonblight, and since it’s set so far in the past, many events of the book take place there. There are a couple of new locations in Northrend whose whereabouts are vague but which could be the setting of a patch or even a raid.

The first of these is the Frozen Fangs, a range of mountains that adjoins the ocean and where Vyranoth makes her home throughout the novel. While it’s feasible that the Frozen Fangs no longer exist post-Sundering, more than likely it is the old name for the range of mountains that make up the northern border of Icecrown, about where the Shadow Citadel or Jotunheim are in-game now. While it could also refer to the mountains in the north of Storm Peaks, Vyranoth’s distrust of the Titans lead one to believe she would want to stay as far away from them as possible. Of course, since Vyranoth is now working with the Dragon Aspects, the Frozen Fangs may not make sense for a visited location, unless we join Vyranoth for a quick return quest to her old lair.

A more likely destination is the Sawtooth Mountains described as being close to where Galakrond fell. These are probably located along the southwest border of Crystalsong Forest, and may even be the mountains where Icecrown Citadel is located. What’s important about this location is it is where Iridikron had his lair of Harrowsdeep, and if the players and Aspects mobilize against Iridikron there’s a fair chance that is where he can once again be found. The Sundering is the wildcard here; even though the Sawtooth Mountains are in no danger of falling into the ocean during it, it is possible that Harrowsdeep has collapsed or is otherwise inaccessible even to its former master.

Enemies and allies from the War

War of the Scaleborn does a good job of making sure readers learn the fates of its characters both major and minor. There are a few however whose fates are ambiguous enough that they could play a major part in the future.

The first of these is the young drake Talinstrasz alongside several of his companions who when in egg form were taken and ordered without permission — the largest source of Vyranoth’s anger with Alexstrasza and the other Aspects. Relatively minor in role compared to the Aspects and Incarnates, Talinstrasz could be a factor in the future.

On the other end of the age scale is the proto-Dragon Cysanz who plays a role in the final battle of the War. While alive at the end of the book, it is strongly suggested that due to his age he will not live much longer and almost certainly did not survive until modern times. Of course that’s just suggested, not factual, so Cysanz could make a return if someone on the development team thought he’d be a good fit.

Another survivor at the end of war is Virec, described as one of Iridikron’s three wingleaders — and that’s all we know about them. Virec is a complete blank slate and as such would easily work as a future antagonist working alongside Iridikron. In fact, considering how much more detail is given regarding the other wingleaders and major allies of Iridikron it seems deliberate that Virec isn’t fleshed out — yet.

The most intriguing character that could reappear is Ikronia, a sister of Iridikron who was ordered and is thus a full dragon despite her sibling relationship. Since her existence straddles both sides of the fight, she could be a major wildcard if she returns. Sadly, she is assumed lost in battle, but as that’s just strongly suggested and not confirmed she could make an appearance in future events — but as enemy or ally remains to be seen.

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