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Diablo > Diablo 4Oct 19, 2023 9:00 am CT

How to farm Potent Blood to unlock every Vampiric Power in Diablo 4 Season of Blood

Welcome to Diablo 4 Season 2, where you can play out your vampire-slayer fantasies like a virtual Blade, wielding Vampiric Powers against Lord Zir and his undead hordes. But unlocking those powers has a cost — Potent Blood, which you can earn by adventuring through the Season of Blood.

But what’s the best way to farm Potent Blood? It’s time to talk about the Blood Harvest, because the fastest, easiest method of farming Potent Blood is the Blood Harvest event. Specific to the Season of Blood, the Blood Harvest occurs in three different zones in Sanctuary — Scosglen, Dry Steppes, and Hawezar — and is similar to Helltides but available at level 1 and always up. At the top of every hour, the Harvest switches from its current zone to the next in rotation.

Getting Potent Blood mostly involves heading to the current Blood Harvest zone to kill mobs, hunt rares, and participate in events. Here’s what you should be doing to get Potent Blood in Diablo 4 Season 2:

  • Participate in the Blood Harvest. Every Blood Harvest region spawns with three Whisper world quests. Complete these quests for Harvest Acclaim rep, Grim Favors for Tree of Whispers caches, and event rewards, including Potent Blood. Keep an eye out for Blood Lures while working on Whispers, as you use them to summon Blood Seekers to you instead of having to hunt them down for their Potent Blood.
  • Kill Blood Seekers. These elite mobs drop plenty of Potent Blood, but any enemy in the Blood Harvest with the word “Seeker” in its name also has a chance to drop a Seeker Key. This unique resource is like the Whispering Key purchased with Obols, except instead of opening Silent Chests, you use the Seeker Key for Seeker Caches. These caches are only found in the active Blood Harvest and can reward standalone Pacts, Cleansing Acids, gold, gear, and Potent Blood.
  • Do the seasonal questline. You can also get Potent Blood through the Seasonal Questline, though it’s a one and done method.
  • Kill anything, anywhere. Though this won’t earn Potent Blood quickly, all mobs in the game have a chance (at least a small one) to drop Potent Blood.

The Blood Harvest is by far the fastest way to get Potent Blood, and it lends itself to farming this seasonal resource. As a test, I completed one Blood Harvest event in less than 30 minutes and received roughly 100 Potent Blood. Prior to that, I had run through a dungeon and didn’t spot a single Potent Blood.

Regardless, you need a lot of Potent Blood to fully level every Vampiric power — an estimated 8625 Potent Blood to take all 22 Vampiric Powers to level 3. With Season 2 proving quite fun to play, hopefully those farming hours will go by fast. Keep your sharpened stakes handy, and happy hunting!

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