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The QueueOct 23, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Little Queue of Horrors

It was my birthday! My excellent, wonderful, and extremely special ladyfriend took me out to play arcade games and also to go see a local theater production of Little Shop of Horrors. So y’know it ranks up there in the top three birthdays for sure!

I never knew how different the ending of the stage version was from the movie with Rick Moranis! I gotta say though, there’s something really special about seeing a puppeted plant eat people on stage. That right here is what live theater is about I think — taking something like a man-eating alien plant that can sing and making it feel real for a minute. It didn’t hurt either that the voice actor for the plant absolutely nailed the swings from whiny hungry teenager to an alien menace.

While I keep an extra close eye on all of my plants, it’s time for — The Queue!


Q4tQ: Is it just me, or have we done surprisingly little dragon riding for an expansion labelled “Dragon Flight”? I mean, yes, we have our dragons and our dragon races, but a part of me wonders if maybe its all been a bit underused overall and in context to the story?

Well aside from the upcoming raid fight that needs people to dragonride their way across an arena, the dungeon that needs you to get from boss to boss via dragonriding, and all of the just general dragon-flighting around we do in our day-to-day play — I guess you could say it’s a little underused.

Sure, we haven’t had any How to Train Your Dragon storyline with our mounts, but I don’t think I’ve missed it either. Dragonriding has always just felt like more of a mechanical part of the expansion rather than any story content.

I know that the expansion is called Dragonflight but maybe this is more about how all dragons should consider themselves one flight rather than all of the divisions between Red/Blue/Bronze/Netherwing/Proto etc.


The worst part about Shadowlands is that it didn’t give us an abomination mount. Place the player character inside the belly so it looks like it’s being controlled like a mech, we could have all been zooming around in the big fleshy bois

I thought that the worst part about Shadowlands is that eventually, you ran out of unique and fun letters to get from your friends at the Ember Court! Or was it that you couldn’t spend more time with Theotar having tea parties? I’m sure that the worst part about Shadowlands definitely involved me not spending enough time with my Venthyr friends but I can’t quite nail it down right now.

As to what you’ve asked about, yes we do deserve to drive an abomination from inside of it. Why else do they have that big hole in their belly if not to let us see out of it? Heroes of the Storm gave us the inside look at Stitches and it seems like something that could easily be ported over to Warcraft!


Q4tQ: Has anyone bought anything from the D4 Store? if so, what?

I haven’t. Although Invincible showed up for about a day and then disappeared again and if I’d been playing Diablo 4 as hard as I thought I would be, there’s no chance that I wouldn’t have snapped that up. Y’know if I could actually see the mount…

After looking around at a few different shops in a variety of games on the free-to-play-to-the-box price spectrum, I gotta say though that the Diablo shop is overpriced for what you’re getting. Especially with the trickle of the premium currency you get from the battle pass. If D4 was a free-to-play game I wouldn’t have any issues with them charging that kind of scratch for cosmetics. Since I just paid a pretty penny for it on my computer though, and I can’t even install it on my Xbox so I could play on the couch when I wanted to be comfier — that’s too much.


Q4tQ What do you feel is the best race for an affliction warlock?

Well, I know that there are lots of new Eredar Warlocks running around now that the red skin option has been added to Draenei. I still gotta go with Undead as the best Affliction Warlocks.

They know rot and disease and afflictions unlike any other race out there in such a profound and meaningful way that it’s almost unfair. In my head I’m imagining Undead Warlocks carrying all sorts of bespoke plagues and maladies inside of their body in a way that an Orc Warlock just could never match. Grandfather Nurgle would be pleased with them for sure.

When rot is literally part of their morning routine there’s just no catching up for anyone else!


Q4tQ: Do we have a schedule for BlizzCon opening and panels that we can access?

Kalcheus answered this in the response to you better than I could, so I’m tossing this up here for more to see.

Here’s what we know: everything shown in the arena will be broadcast free. All panels will be held in the arena. No schedule yet, maybe this week (I thought they might be running late with it, but in 2019 the schedule didn’t come out until 10 days before so this is standard).

Today’s Bacardi is all feets and beans because last week I had to crop his beautiful feet out of frame to fit the picture into the Queue. Make sure you give them a boop for un-bean-leviable good luck this week in your Great Vaults!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Monster Mash

As near as I can figure I haven’t used the Monster Mash before, but it’s possible I’m repeating an Earworm™ here. IF I am don’t pay any attention to that and just groove out to these classic monster tunes while you ask Anna a bunch of questions for tomorrow!

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