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The QueueOct 30, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: ’twas the night before Hallow’s Eve

Wait wouldn’t that make tonight Hallow’s Eve and tomorrow just plain Hallows? Is Hallow’s Eve the night going into the 31st of the month or is it the night going into the 1st of the month? Is today Hallow’s Eve Eve?

While I consult a local calendar expert, it’s time for — The Queue!


D4 Q4TQ: I downloaded D4 pretty much day 1 but due to timing and conflicts I haven’t actually played it yet. Is it better for me to start a Season character and have it transfer to Eternal later (if it works the same way D3 worked) or what? What class to play? Why is there no Crusader-type? What other tips do I need to know?

I think you’d be happier to start a Seasonal character now that seasons will be a thing. You can still do the main storyline, but you’ll also get the additional season content!

I’m not sure what class you should play but I know that they’ve all got lots of ways to obliterate the demonic hordes that Lillith will throw at you. You sound like you’d want to play a Crusader, but they don’t exist. So to fill the same niche of big heavy armor and magical melee attacks you could either go Barbarian for the plate fantasy or Druid for the magical melee fantasy.

I’m not sure why there isn’t a Paladin or Crusader, we do see lots of Knights who fight for the Light rolling around Sanctuary, so maybe it’s just one of those things that we have to be patient for. BlizzCon is this weekend and who knows what they’ll announce!

I’d say try and resist the siren’s call of side quests until you’ve gotten far enough in your main quest to have your mount. I didn’t and I regretted it a lot, I spent so much time running around on foot!


Q4tQ: Since everyone here in the Queue has proven themselves to be such good question askers, should Blizzard partner with us for the next Q&A?

Well of course!

Y’all ask some great hard-hitting questions. It’s always a pleasure to show up and answer them week to week — even the ones from that Kalcheus guy.


QftQ: If you could have an object in WoW that would be assigned to you in its name, what would it be?
Example: Kalcheus’ To Say Nothing of the Dog

  • Zellax’s Brave Yet Futile Last Stand Boots
  • Zellax’s Maple Syrup Covered Jerkin
  • 105 of Zellax’s best jokes in one book
  • Zellax’s Legendary, But Not Really Legendary-Quality, Polearm

I think that would cover the big things I’m known for. Jokes, complaining about the lack of Bear Legendary weapons, being Canadian, and trying to stay alive in the face of overwhelming odds.


Its astounding how you can have a pug that can crush the first 8 bosses of Heroic Abberus, and still fail to execute Sark properly.

The first eight bosses of Aberrus were so much easier than Sark on non-Mythic difficulties it was almost a little silly. I hope that they tweak the difficulty curve a little smoother in Amirdrassil because I’d like to have a little more trouble reaching Fyrakk. Just a little, enough to make it feel like we accomplished something more on our path to save the Tree.


O, Sinister Squashling
How do I hate thee?

Squashlings Sinister,

and Brooms Magical,

At the end of the season, your lack of Arfus will be so tragical!


Just one undead pup,

whose origins are luck,

Man do the rare drops being random suck.


Still, we queue,

with curses galore and characters out the door,

Hoping against hope that a cute pup will be in store.


Forget the reins and the pumpkin-flavored rings

Our joy will come from just one thing

There must always be a Lick King


Q4tQ Is logging out of a character and forgetting why you were switching toons the gaming equivalent of walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there?

I’d say it’s more like opening the fridge and forgetting what you were looking for. All of the ingredients are in front of you, you just have to remember why you were looking at ingredients. Walking into a room and forgetting why you’re there is what happens when you take a portal to a new zone and then spend five minutes running in circles as you try and remember why you clicked on that portal.

Today’s Bacardi is here to ensure that you have better luck than him. Look all he managed to find this week is a dirty sock that says Pretty Fly for  Mai Tai on it. This is not the epic loot that he went searching for — just look at that disappointment on his face. You still have time to avoid his fate, boop away!

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Get Ur Freak On

Have a safe and spooky Halloween! Don’t forget to leave Anna lots of questions so that her Halloween can be spooky in the ghost way, not spooky in the no question way.

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