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BlizzConNov 3, 2023 11:00 am CT

The Calm before the Storm: BlizzCon Travelogue Day 2

Today was the unofficial start to BlizzCon, when we are able to enter the grounds proper and have a limited look around. It is also the day with the most anticipation. You get to look at the maps and schedules and pick around in the store — featuring the just released Wrathion statue with the black prince in his most stunning appearance — and start to meet up with people you may not have seen in years. It is also one of the least eventful.

We had to start somewhere, so we started there.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles is the launch point of BlizzCon. While walking over i did notice a few people who were already wearing their badges and carrying this years backpack, but for me it was food first, badges later.

Upon entering, the first thing I noticed were several Youtube and Twitch Streamers as well as Blizzard employees filling up the restaurant. With its close proximity to the convention and world famous waffles, it is easy to see why this is the morning convergence point. I ordered the basic dark meat fried chicken served with two fluffy waffles made by Roscoe’s special blend, as well as coffee and a combination of fresh-squeezed orange juice and lemonade. If you find yourself coming to BlizzCon or Disneyland, Roscoe’s is where you need to start your day at.

The Queue

It seemed I picked the ideal time to pick up my badge, as at 11 am, the crowd was still light. This offered the chance to look around a little bit and grab a few photos, including one paying tribute to Star Trek, which used the convention center as a stand in for Starfleet Academy. I may have been in the wrong cosplay for the event, but with the season finale of Lower Decks this morning, I felt I could get away with it.

Taking advantage of the BlizzCon Blink Store, I was able to pre-purchase the merch I had desired — except for the Wrathion Statute, which was just released today and honestly, it would be easier to just have it shipped home. I did, however, pick up a lovely Diablo 4 Lilith hockey jersey. There were jerseys released also for Overwatch and World of Warcraft  and while I am tempted to still pick up the Overwatch shirt, the World of Warcraft jersey too closely resembles my local teams competitor to wear it around home. Still, I am very gratefully for the blink store as it allowed quick pick up, as opposed to the nightmarish lines of the past. Also this year, the store has gone cashless and is being run entirely by the digital storefront. you can just place your order from a mobile device and pick it up when it is ready.

This wraps up all that could be done today as the convention does not begin until Friday. With no way to backtrack, occupants today were politely asked to leave. The rest of the day was meant as a means to meet up with friends and guildies you have not seen in a long time or for the first time. I took the chance to meet up with a friend and reader of the site for dinner at Benihana. it was a night of speculating announcements over hibachi, fried rice, and Firelands chat. I personally have never had Benihana before, but it lived up to its reputation as an entertaining and tasty meal. It was a bit further out than the main strip but still within reasonable distance for a ride share.

This was it. The last night before BlizzCon opens proper. You can feel the excitement with each passing pedestrian, the hotel lobbies and bars filled with gamers. BlizzCon is back and the fans are glad to be here.

Now all that we can wait for is for the gates to open.

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