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Mobile > Warcraft RumbleNov 8, 2023 10:00 am CT

How to get Sylvanas as a Leader in Warcraft Rumble

While Blizzard’s latest foray into mobile gaming, Warcraft Rumble, only recently launched worldwide, its first season is already underway. As part of Season 1’s rewards, players can earn Sylvanas Windrunner as a Leader, complete with her own unique Leader Ability and Talents. Of course, like any seasonal reward, earning Syvlanas in Warcraft Rumble Season 1 isn’t free — you can play the game’s Arclight Surges while in a guild (PVE), climb the ranked ladder (PVP), or pay $15 USD (PVWallet). But there are some specifics therein, so here’s everything you need to know if you want to earn Sylvanas as a Rumble Leader.

In terms of earning Sylvanas via the non-solo route, players will need to be in a guild first and foremost. Being in a guild allows you to earn War Crests, and once a guild reaches 10,000 War Crests, guild members can unlock Sylvanas as a Leader. Earning War Crests for your guild’s War Chest is most easily done via Arclight Surges, and every Arclight Surge Mission completed will award 50 War Chest Crests toward the overall guild War Chest (yes, we’re getting into game-lingo territory). Arclight Surge Missions appear pretty early on in the game and add modifiers to existing zones, giving them a bit of a new spin and challenge. Surges are a discussion all their own, but in terms of War Crests, you’ll be able to earn a maximum of 500 per rotation or 1,000 per week. What that means is that, effectively, if 10 people in a guild complete all their Surge Missions in one week, you’ll have Sylvanas during that first week.

Note that there are additional rewards at 20,000 Crests (a Murloc emote) and 30,000 Crests (an Epic Upgrade Core), and players can contribute 10 Crests to the guild War Chest per 200 Honor earned via PVP. Arclight Surges are a much more efficient way to contribute to your guild’s War Chest, however. As for the PVP/solo route, anyone interested in very serious PVP will be able to earn Sylvanas once hitting 10,000 Honor, toward the end of Platinum Rank 1.

That’s a lot of jargon and text, though — what’s the TL;DR here? I’m glad you asked!

  • Join a guild and complete Arclight Surges for up to 1,000 War Crests per week. A guild total of 10,000 War Crests are needed to unlock Syvlanas this way.
  • PVP your butt off, climb to Platinum, and earn 10,000 Honor.
  • Spend $15 USD at either the start or end of Season 1 as part of special bundles.
  • Wait until mid-December when Season 2 starts and earn her via the same means as any other Leader (GRID or leveling).

Now, you’re probably wondering if all this is worth it. That’ll depend on what Minis you use, but she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with for Horde and Undead-heavy armies.

What does Sylvanas do in Rumble?

Sylvanas is a 6-cost, single-target ranged unit. Her Talents, Leader Ability, and Traits in Rumble mirror her places as both Banshee Queen and (former) Warchief of the Horde:

  • Windrunner Warchief (Leader Ability): All Undead and Horde Minis gain 30% movement speed near Sylvanas.
  • Haunt (Trait): Summon a Banshee on death.
    • Banshees are weak but will possess the first enemy unit they come across.
  • Black Arrow (Talent): Pierce through enemies in a line, dealing Elemental damage.
  • Banshee’s Wail (Talent): Scream on Death, Stunning nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Forsaken Fury (Talent): Nearby Horde and Undead Minis gain Fury.

Overall, Sylvanas’ kit makes her strong against AOE enemies. She’s a Leader built around having other units around her and making big pushes. Coupled with her Forsaken Fury talent, nearby Minis basically become super-powered versions of themselves, and her Haunt Trait helps ensure those around her don’t have to deal with as big a threat once she’s gone.

So is she worth it? Especially if you’re going the guild route, yes! It shouldn’t be too hard to fill that War Chest before the end of Season 1, and you’ll save yourself some gold (or money) in the process. Plus, who doesn’t want to have the Banshee Queen herself as the Leader of their Rumble army?

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