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WoWNov 14, 2023 2:00 pm CT

New World Boss Aurostor the Hibernator is now available in the Emerald Dream

Along with the opening of Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope in Season 3 of Dragonflight, a new World Boss named Aurostor the Hibernator will spawn in the Emerald Dream each week. Unlike the previous World Boss encounter Aurostor is a single-target fight and will also hopefully drop loot this time.

Aurostor is the Furbolg Wild God and his sleep regimen is exceedingly strict — Fyrakk’s arrival has awakened him and he’s not in a good mood. His mechanics fortunately don’t seem as complicated as the Zaqali Elders, the Season 2 World Boss, so groups should be able to get him back to sleep fairly readily.

How to defeat Aurostor

The fight is largely one of staying spread out and watching out for damage on the ground. One key trick to the encounter is that the Slumberous Roar stacking effect will eventually put players to sleep, increasing damage taken and not letting them participate until dispelled or damaged — but the stacks can be removed simply by jumping, so players will want to be sure they stay in motion during the fight. Tank swapping is pretty straightforward — the second tank should taunt when the first tank is knocked far away.

Loot drops from Aurostor

Aurostor drops item level 460 (Champion 3/8) items and most importantly for Druids unlocking the new appearances there’s a chance to get the Mark of the Hibernating Runebear. The gear is both upgradeable and can be converted to tier gear via the Revival Catalyst.

There are three possible drops for each character based on their armor type:

  • All: Slumbering Ursine Talisman, a haste/versatility neck piece.
  • Cloth: Legs that match the Mage tier appearance and Boots that match the Warlock tier appearance.
  • Leather: Gloves that match the Druid tier appearance and Boots that match the Rogue tier appearance.
  • Mail: Helm that matches the Hunter tier appearance and a Belt that matches the Evoker tier appearance.
  • Plate: Chest that matches the Paladin tier appearance and a Belt that matches the Warrior tier appearance.

As always we should expect defeating Aurostor to count as a World Quest, with possible rewards of reputation with the Dream Wardens, Dragon Isles Supplies, Dream Seeds, or gold.

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