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The QueueNov 14, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’m helping

I’ve been playing a lot of the Mystery Heroes mode of Overwatch 2 lately to unwind, and man has it made for a whole lot of wackiness. There is no other explanation.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions and we are somehow supposed to come up with a clutch answer, we guess.


Q4tQ: I’m trying to figure out my alt lineup for the rest of 10.2. What ranged spec has the simplest rotation? How about which melee is the simplest?

If you’re looking for simple, Beast Master Hunter is it. Basically all you need to do is set up hotkeys to control your pet and you’ll survive out in the world. It’s a bit more complicated if you want to excel, but even then, and even with talented active abilities, it’s extremely straightforward. Survival Hunters are also supposed to be simple to pick up, but I refuse to acknowledge melee Huntering as a possibility.

As for melee, gag. Nope. Next question.


Q4tQ: What game should a do another run of this week: Slay the Princess, or Stray Gods?

Personally I’m trying to be FiScAlLy rEsPoNsiBLe in the lead-up to the holidays, so I’m currently (oof, cringe, gag) trying to clear out my huge Steam backlog of narrative and/or scripted puzzle games. As such, in general, I’d advocate for whichever one you feel like you’ll probably be “done” with first, whatever that means for you. Achievements, seeing all the endings, even just plain deciding you’re done — all are valid.

My personal to-play list right now includes Overboard!, Gris, and Florence. Do not ask me how many games I’ve purchased in the meantime.


NameQftQ: Reference names, do you do them? And do people recognize them to a point that they mention it?

So, I have three names with references in them, and frankly it’s very, very rare that someone mentions it.

Belmont: Draenei (because of the Slavic accent) hunter (so I could have pets named Simon, Trevor, Alucard, etc). From the Castlevania franchise, of course. One person, ONE mentioned it, and for some reason thought he was the only person who would ever know about an entire video game franchise.

Hooke: Worgen then dwarf mage, named for the Royal Society polymath Robert Hooke, based on his appearances in the Baroque Cycle. No randoms have mentioned anything, but one of my guild officers figured that out about five minutes after I logged in on him!

Dakeyras, Draenei warrior, whose name comes from this guy. Strictly speaking, he should be a human hunter, like this guy, who CLEARLY is modeled after the book character, down to the crossbow. OTOH, I like the name, even if I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce it lol.

Once, I thought I caught a referential name, Decado, and called him the Ice Killer, like the character’s sobriquet, but didn’t get a response, so maybe it was from something else.

Haaaave you met Rutherford B. Hayes?

No, not the one where the B stands for Bear.

Very few people have commented on the similarity of Rutherford’s name to the 19th American President, whose election continues to be likely the most corrupt, suspect election in US history — yes, even today. Hayes was otherwise a very principled man, taking up arms in the Civil War despite a promising career in law. He rejected multiple political appointments and people begging him to run for office in the early 1860s because he felt it was an issue of morality, that he must continue to fight while he could, even returning to battle after being wounded. Immediately following the war, he was elected Governor of Ohio. In his time in the presidency, his main goal was Civil Service reform, trying to weed out cronyism among appointees all the way from the federal government to the Postal Service, in a way we still use as precedent for determining appointees to these same positions. He pushed for a federal education subsidy, founding and chairing several scholarship charities in his time post-presidency as a stop-gap, including some specifically for black students.

However, it’s likely he all but stole the presidency via corrupt backroom deals. That deal led to Republican Hayes contradicting all those former moral acts, straight up washing his hands of the Reconstruction in total. This allowed the local Democrats to bully, gerrymander, and coerce their way into power in the South for — well. I’m not sure we’ve seen the end of the consequences for this quid-pro-quo. Despite all the good he may have done, the defining core of Hayes’ legacy is the 1876 election.

Also, his beard is probably top 5 of all presidential facial hair after Van Buren, Chester A. Arthur, and Taft.


Isn’t November usually the anniversary month for WoW?

Yes! Fire up those alts and get ready to be annoyed by the influx of in-game mail: the WoW Anniversary event starts Thursday November 16. There are pets and Dragonriding appearances to collect, so don’t miss it!


Need Christmas day brunch ideas, I don’t want leftovers because we’re leaving town in the morning so don’t want a traditional type dinner, hence doing a brunch. I also don’t want just the usually made donuts, french toast or whatever sweets since we’re all diabetic. Any favs out there?

I hear brunch, I’m bringing mimosas, so.

In this case, quiche or frittata is the play. It sounds fancy, but it’s basically a big multi-person omelet with some stuff in it. Pre-cook your veg and meat (or even use leftovers), then let it cool, combine with a mix of beaten egg and usually a little cream, bake it in the oven until it gets un-jiggly. You can do one big one in a pie plate or cast iron, or multiple little ones in muffin cups if there are dietary restrictions and/or preferences. If I’m invited, I love broccoli and cheddar, or spinach, mushroom, and swiss.

And the real fun part of egg cooked this way is, if you do happen to have leftovers, just cut it into slices and chuck it in the freezer til you get back. You can heat it back up straight from frozen in a microwave or toaster oven, or even in a skillet on the stove. It’ll keep for months. I usually like to serve brunch with fruit, so in this case if you opt for strawberries or blueberries, you can freeze any extra of that, too.

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