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HearthstoneNov 30, 2023 10:00 am CT

The decks you need to win the Pick a Hand, Any Hand Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

Step right on up there, partner, for the Hearthstone Pick a Hand, Any Hand Tavern Brawl. We’ve gathered some of the best card sharks around for a winner-take-all tournament. That sweet little southern belle over there is Annabelle. The tough looking guy we call Angel. Marshal Zane Cooper makes sure everyone is on their best behavior. But the guy you need to really keep on eye on is the wisecracking gambler, Bret Maverick. He’s so slick, he’ll clean you out and have you smiling about it. You’ll need to avoid a good run of bad luck, and bring your best seven cards because the only prize for second place in this tournament is a one-way trip to the Shadowlands.

Here’s what you need to know about the Pick a Hand, Any Hand Tavern Brawl.

Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: Pick a Hand, Any Hand
  • Description: Pick the first seven cards of your deck, and we’ll fill the rest with Unstable Portals. You get your portals AFTER your mulligan.
  • Fun level: 5/10
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Replayability: 4/10
  • Format: Wild
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Standard pack (can contain any card from any set in the current Standard rotation)

This Brawl might remind you of other Brawls where you build a partial deck like Shadow Reflection, Half and Half, Top 3, or Gone Fishin’. With Pick a Hand, Any Hand, you choose seven cards to make up your deck. It’s seven cards total. If you use two of the same card, you’ll have five cards left. The other 23 cards of your deck are Unstable Portals.

You can choose any class and include any combination of class cards and neutral cards. This Brawl is using Wild rules so the size of your overall card collection will make a big difference in what decks you can build.

How to win the Pick a Hand, Any Hand Tavern Brawl

Unlike other Brawls of this type, the Unstable Portal cards are added after the Mulligan phase. This means you’ll start with three of your seven cards in hand and not have to wait all game for them to show up. This allows you to build more synergy into your first seven cards than you would be able to otherwise.

Unstable Portal can only give minions, so this becomes a minion heavy Brawl. Make good trades and maintain board presence. Don’t be too afraid to go wide. The only AOE will be whatever you or your opponent pack into your seven card deck.

As with almost every Constructed Brawl, there are two components to winning: your deck and how you pilot that deck. In Constructed Brawls, players usually discover the most powerful lists very quickly, which leads to the Brawl falling into a meta structure like we see on the Ladder — and that means you’ll usually find plenty of strong decks you can use. But you also have to be able to pilot the deck, making the right turn-to-turn decisions in order to win — which is essential even if you’re using the best deck available.

Let’s check out some solid decks to use for this Brawl.

Pick a Hand, Any Hand Tavern Brawl Decks

r/pootispootus Mecha’Thun Druid

  • Deck list: Innervate, Biology Project x2, Naturalize x1, Overgrowth, Steamcleaner, Mecha’thun
  • Steamcleaner will remove all the Unstable Portals so cast as many as you can before you play it. After that, it’s just a matter of emptying your hand and destroying your Mecha’Thun.

r/Tesser Marsh Queen Hunter

  • Deck list: Springpaw x2, Sunscale Raptor x2, The Marsh Queen, Timber Wolf, Steamcleaner
  • Steamcleaner does its work again. You’ve got just enough minions to finish The Marsh Queen quest. Just don’t play Queen Carnassa until AFTER you played Steamcleaner.

Ben Hearthstone Flamewaker Mage

  • Deck list: Mana Wyrm x2, Infinitize the Maxitude,  Magister’s Apprentice x2, Flamewaker x2
  • This deck is all about your Unstable Portals unleashing damage from Flamewaker. Mana Wyrm can grow to huge power, while Magister’s Apprentice discounts your Unstable Portals. You should be able to activate the Finale effect on Infinitze the Maxitude almost every time.

r/FardHast Boar Priest

  • Deck list: Topsy Turvy, Stonetusk Boar, Divine Spirit, Shadow Visions, Switcheroo x2, The Darkness
  • This is a combo deck. You want to buff your Stonetusk Board with Divine Spirit and hit it with Topsy Turvy. The Darkness is your backup plan. Switcheroo is just to ensure you draw you Boar and The Darkness. This deck works against Steamcleaner decks because you get your combo pieces faster after they play Steamcleaner.

Honor’s Hammer Trogg Shaman

  • Deck list: Irondeep Trogg, Tunnel Trogg x2, Stonesplitter Trogg, Burly Rockjaw Trogg, Lightning Storm x2
  • You get a new Irondeep Trogg every time your opponent casts one of their Unstable Portals. It also buffs your Stonesplitter Troggs and Burly Rockjaw Troggs. Use Tunnel Trogg after you cleared their board with Lightning Storm.

r/FardHast Blood Treant Warlock

  • Deck list: Sacrificial Summoner x2, Injured Marauder, Blood Treant x2, Damaged Stegotron x2
  • This is a combo deck. Play Blood Treant for no mana, just health. Then target Blood Treant with Sacrificial Summoner. That will cause Damaged Stegotron to pull from your deck and not activate its Battlecry, presenting a difficult board for your opponent to deal with. Another Steamcleaner resistant list.

More Pick a Hand, Any Hand Tavern Brawl deck lists

One of these decks should see you through to a victory. Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks, because there are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. If you find another great list, share it with us in the comments.

Overall, this was an interesting Brawl. I do wonder how it would feel if they ban Steamcleaner next time.

How did you like this Brawl? Let me know in the comments.

Good luck getting this week’s pack!

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