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WoWDec 4, 2023 4:00 pm CT

How to get Fyr’alath the Dream Render, complete with bad luck protection

Amirdrassil is the last raid of Dragonflight and there is a new Legendary that can be acquired from the final boss Fyrakk: Fyr’alath the Dream Render. A two-handed axe designed for Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights, Fyr’alath uses a drop and build mechanic similar to the Evoker Legendary Nas’zuro — but without the regionwide yell when someone creates it. In addition the item that starts the quest chain can drop from every raid difficulty including LFR and there is a bad luck protection mechanic in place to assist players in the acquisition of the Legendary.

When Fyrakk is defeated an eligible player can receive Fyr’alath the Dream Render as personal loot — with also a chance at it being group loot on Mythic difficulty — although attempting to equip it will cause the player to become consumed in Shadowflame. This failure to wield the axe results in the quest The Shadowflame Axe which sets the player on the path to being able to use the Legendary.

The complex quest chain required to get the Legendary has three main components built around the professions of Leatherworking, Enchanting, and Inscription. For each part you’ll need to farm special drops in addition to acquiring the crafting materials for the required item. These items can be made via crafting orders so you don’t need to have a character available with the profession to complete it.

  • For Leatherworking the special drop is Shadowed Dreamleaf (you’ll need 200 of them) which is acquired by completing Superbloom activities. In addition you’ll need to collect the following crafting materials from adventuring or the auction house:
    • Zaralek Glowspores x400
    • Obsidian Cobraskin x3
    • Dreaming Essence x5
    • Mireslush Hide x50
  • For Enchanting you’ll need to disenchant 20 Epic items from the Emerald Dream to acquire Radiant Flecks of Ash — don’t worry if you’re not an enchanter, the quest gives you an item to acquire the materials. In addition you’ll need the following crafting materials:
    • Awakened Fire x150
    • Awakened Earth x100
    • Awakened Order x50
    • Resonant Crystal x200
    • You will also need 200 random Awakened Elements onhand to complete the associated quest
  • For Inscription you’ll need to acquire 50 Taut Tethercoils which drop from Rare and Rare Elite mobs in the Emerald Dream. You’ll also need:
    • Shadowflame Essence x10
    • Cosmic Ink x250
    • Runed Writhebark x50

Simply collecting the materials isn’t enough, as there are additional challenges for each component — including a final battle against an Echo of Fyrakk whose defeat lets you wield your new Legendary.

Drop chances and bad luck protection for Fyr’alath

As already noted Fyr’alath can drop on every difficulty of the Amirdrassil raid, with the base chance dependent on the highest difficulty completed — Mythic has a significantly higher chance than LFR to drop it — and players don’t need to farm multiple difficulties as the chance rolls up (for example, killing Fyrakk on Heroic has the same drop chance as if you had also killed him on Normal and LFR that week). The game tracks what you’ve completed, so you don’t increase your odds of a drop by killing Fyrakk multiple times each week.

While the Evoker Legendary Naz’suro had bad luck protection added several weeks after Aberrus released, there is bad luck protection from the beginning for Fyr’alath. The main source of bad luck protection is based on killing Fyrakk and is a consumable item called the Greater Ember of Fyr’alath that drops if the Legendary doesn’t.

The second source is technically not bad luck protection at all but a way to improve your chances by doing higher difficulty raiding. Each boss in Heroic or Mythic can drop a Lesser Ember of Fyr’alath which increases your chances of Fyr’alath dropping from Fyrakk on those difficulties. Having the bad luck protection represented by a consumable item is an interesting mechanic, although players will want to make sure they use it immediately rather than letting it sit in their bags otherwise the benefit will be unavailable the next time they down Fyrakk.

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