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HearthstoneDec 5, 2023 10:00 am CT

How to use the new Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6

New seasons of Hearthstone Battlegrounds typically introduce a brand-new mechanic to the game, and Battlegrounds Season 6 won’t be any different: this season adds Tavern Spells to the game. These are spell cards that you can purchase from Bob’s Tavern, alongside minions. Just like minions, you need to be at least at the correct tier for a spell to be offered for you to purchase it — but unlike minions their gold cost will vary.

Here’s what you need to know about Tavern Spells in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

What do Tavern Spells look like? The cards for Tavern Spells display both their Tavern Tier — at the usual spot, in the top-left corner — and their Gold cost, right below the Tavern Tier. In the tavern display, they’re easily identifiable  since they feature a completely different card frame than minions. The Tavern Tier is in its usual spot at the top, but the gold cost is in the top-left.

What do Tavern Spells cost? Spells can cost between 1 and 5 gold, though higher-cost spells only start appearing at the higher tiers.

How do I get Tavern Spells? With each refresh, Bob’s Tavern will always offer one Tavern Spell alongside the normal number of minions you’re already used to (which depends on your current Tavern Tier).

How many Tavern Spells are there? The patch adds a total of 42 new spells from Tiers 1 to 6 (seven spells on each Tier, except for Tier 4, with nine, and Tier 6, with five).

New minions will affect Tavern Spells. Some of the new minions have special effects that can change the number of spells that are available to be bought each time — such as Land Lubber, a new Tier 2 Elemental / Pirate that offers one extra spell on its regular version, or two on its golden version.

How long do Tavern Spells stay in my hand? Once you purchase a Tavern Spell, it stays in your hand, just like Minions or other permanent spells like Coins and Blood Gems. You don’t need to worry about using them immediately: unlike Spellcraft spells, they will not disappear at the end of the turn, so you can hold onto them for as long as needed.

What Tavern Spells are there? These spells could possibly be the best ones, from what we’ve seen:

  • On Tier 1, Them Apples can give you a very nice boost to three future minions for only 1 gold, while Recruit a Trainee and Enchanted Lasso will let you bolster your warband with a new minion for only 2 gold — which can be a great play on the earliest turns of a match.
  • On Tier 2, Chef’s Choice also lets you get a minion for two gold, and you can even know its type. Meanwhile, Strike Oil will cost you 3 gold and do nothing when it’s played, but you’ll get 1 extra gold every turn from then on — a solid long-term investment.
  • On Tier 3, Natural Blessing is a fantastic buff for boards of a single minion type, while Staff of Enrichment gives a nice +2/+2 to your Tavern for the rest of the game for only 3 gold, which is certainly nice.
  • On Tier 4, Ritual of Growth can be a gamble, but is likely to pay off. Planar Telescope gives you a new minion for 4 gold, which is costly, but ensures that it belongs to your most common type — a crucial assurance in the middle stages of the game, when you’re searching for key pieces.
  • On Tier 5, Armor Stash is a way to “heal” your Hero after you’ve lost your initial Armor, which is nice. Golden Touch ensures that you can buy a Golden minion for 5 gold, which is costly, but at this stage of the game, should net you at least a Tier 6 minion as a bonus. A must-buy Tavern Spell for sure.
  • On Tier 6, Perfect Vision is even better than Uther the Lightbringer and costs only 2 gold. Saloon’s Finest and Lost Staff of Hamuul seem crazy powerful for only 2 gold as well. Finally, Sacred Gift costs 5, but lets you give Divine Shield to minions that really shouldn’t have it.

A full list of Tavern Spells can be found at the official article with the patch 28.2 patch notes. This patch promises to really change how the game is played, and we can’t wait to try all of those spells.

When will Tavern Spells be available? Tavern Spells will arrive with patch 28.2, which launches on December 5.

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