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The QueueDec 19, 2023 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Flippin ain’t easy

Of course House Flipper 2 was a day one purchase for me. I’m not made of wood. I’m loving some of the updated features, particularly the one where you can basically copy and paste the styling of a particular piece of furniture or a finish, so I don’t have to re-select all the same options repeatedly. Weirdly, the only thing I’m having any kind of issues with is finding a house I can use easily for CAD purposes around my own house. I could construct something from scratch, but it’s a ton of work, and that’s time I could be using to build my real estate empire!

This is The Queue, the daily column where you ask us questions and we’ll answer while we scrub all these weird miscellaneous stains out of this dilapidated shack.


actual QfortheQueue

I have a mage. she was boosted like a year ago, and then I started leveling her a bit during the anniversary, I think she is 64 or 65 now.

Where do I train for portals and teleports, is there pre-requisites? I only have stormwind and valdrakken. I haven’t had a mage so long I think they might have been quests back then? Seriously, i had a mage in burning crusade , so it’s been….awhile.

It took me ages to realize ‘shimmer’ was blink! (why? when? is it only because she’s lightforged? I have too many alts to keep track of all the changes)

You can train most teleports and portals in the portal room of any major city. There should be an NPC in there which will train you in almost all of them. There are a couple quirky ones like Ancient Dalaran which aren’t available from that trainer and need seeking out, but while those are useful in edge cases they’re not particularly vital, and are just kind of a fun little bit of flavor for Mages to find.

Speaking of fun Mage flavors, Shimmer is basically just Blink. It’s in the Mage talent tree, and I believe it’s one of the talents chosen when you hit the “I don’t care, just give me talents” button.

Also speaking of fun Mage flavors, those are definitely cinnamon rolls.


How are you liking Tavern Spells? What’s your favorite comp at the moment?

I’m honestly not sure, and none of them.

This particular season has been absolutely brutal for me, and I have no earthly idea why. Even when I hit a comp and can start statballing early, somebody else hits the same statball but earlier and with goldens. The only comp I’ve really won with so far — and by “won” I mean in the BGs sense of top 4 — is APM Pirates. Everything else has crashed and burned hard.

On the one hand, I do in some part blame it on my decision to use my seasonal bartender Macie Jinglepocket instead of Bob. On the other, I know plenty of tricks and all that, I just can’t make them materialize quickly enough.


QftQ: Tanks are nearing or exceeding 1 million HP.

Are we going to get a stat squish before TWW, before Midnight, or never?

I’m going to guess it’ll happen before TWW, simply because they are giving it their all to make this three-expansion arc work. Obviously, that’s going to be a lot on the narrative team, but also they have to incorporate mechanics to a certain extent to make it truly seem cohesive.

We’ll likely see a stat squish before TWW, and a level squish at the end of TLT (which will come with another de facto stat squish). I would venture we’ll see some kind of borrowed power mechanic that will persist through the arc — now would be the absolute perfect time for something show-stopping and really cool like our artifact weapons. And heck, having a player housing-style home base for these expansions would be perfect, too.


What city (faction capitol or minor) would you place your player house in?

It depends on how the player housing mechanics work, namely if it’s a per-character thing or an overall Warband thing.

On a per-character basis, most of my characters would probably want to be in their home cities. My Gnome Mage might want to be in Dalaran or Stormwind — or even Silvermoon City — before Gnomeregan. It also depends a bit on the full range of options. I think my Gnome Monk might choose Kun-Lai, or even somewhere like Grizzly Hills over Gnomeregan, but if the capital cities are the only choices to be had, she might choose Gnomeregan just because none of the factional capital cities would fully vibe for her — maybe Ironforge for the pubs.

If it’s on a whole-Warband basis, though, I personally would go for Gilneas. It’s like Stormwind’s cooler older sister who’s into modernist kinetic sculpture and will buy you cigarettes. The vibe of Gilneas doesn’t necessarily fit any of my characters, but they’re just gonna have to suck it up and learn to love birdcage veils and gaslights.


Do you think about learning other languages than French in Duolingo?

I want to finish the French course first, and then branch out, though I’m not sure which language I’d like to learn next. I may go for Russian, because I have a relative who, at the end of a very long story, has written for a Moscow paper and translated several works of Russian literature. His wife is Russian, and doesn’t speak much English, so a little “Привет” goes a long way as far as welcome goes. Spanish would be very useful, but I kinda want something a little quirky (and shorter in terms of Duolingo courses). Maybe Brazilian Portuguese? Not sure. But I still have at least a year worth of French courses to go, assuming I continue at a similar speed, so.

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