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WoWDec 21, 2023 2:00 pm CT

Earn new toys, armor sets, and more during WoW’s Feast of Winter Veil 2023

World of Warcraft‘s annual Feast of Winter Veil holiday event began on December 16, 2023 and runs through January 2, 2024. This year’s Winter Veil was the first one that’s been updated as part of the holiday refresh laid out in the Dragonflight 2023 roadmap, so some aspects of the event will be different than in previous years — including new rewards! Some of the Winter Veil assets were datamined from WoW during patch 10.1.7 which hinted at these new holiday toys and Winter Veil themed armor set for your dragonriding mount.

Two new toys can be found in one of the six presents under the Winter Veil tree near Greatfather Winter in Ironforge or in Orgrimmar by Great-father Winter: a pair of Winter Veil Socks and the Junior Timekeeper’s Racing Belt. In the past, these presents could only be claimed from under the tree between December 25 through January 2, and it’ll probably be the same this year. Each present has an associated quest that’s granted and completed just by interacting with it. You can claim these gifts once a day on each character you have as long as they’re the appropriate level and they reward holiday items, cosmetics, and they also have a chance to reward toys from previous Winter Veil events:

Pepe joins the fray again this year, as the Festive Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle can be acquired from the Stolen Present, the reward for completing the daily quest You’re a Mean One… and defeating the Abominable Greench in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Using this whistle summons our feathery friend in festive garb and riding a sleigh to follow you around as you adventure. Defeating the Greench also has a chance to drop the new Highland Drake manuscript, Highland Drake: Winter Veil Armor, that gives your drake the appearance of a reindeer.

You can grab the daily quest from the Smokeywood Pastures vendors in Ironforge or Orgrimmar and on top of the new rewards, these presents also reward Winter Veil items from years past. It’s unconfirmed right now but these new items may have a higher chance to drop from the first Greench kill or present of the day, similar how the Hallow’s End Velocidrake manuscript worked for the Headless Horseman.

Some of the Dragonflight bosses are getting into the spirit of the season and have decorated themselves, and their arenas, with festive garb and decorations. They might also be dropping Red or Green Winter Hats, so if you’re a collector of the Holiday outfits they may be worth a visit or two (or twenty):

Originally published on December 14, 2023. Updated December 21, 2023.

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