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Diablo > Diablo 3Jan 5, 2024 5:00 pm CT

When does Diablo 3 Season 30 start? Embrace the Lords of Hell starting January 12!

Diablo 3 Season 28 Altar of Rites in New Tristram

Diablo 3 Season 30 will be our first season with no new theme in almost five years, since the start of Season 14 in June of 2018. But this season will still be important, with the supporting patch permanently returning the Altar of Rites and Visions of Enmity in the game. We have a formal announcement for the season and its theme  —  Diablo 3  Season 30, The Lords of Hell, will start Friday, January 12, 2024. So Season 30 is now live!

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With the formal announcement for Season 30, we have a start date and theme details. Season 30 will feature Season 25’s The Lords of Hell theme, featuring seven demonic soul shards for you to empower your gear. We knew, courtesy of the patch 2.7.7 preview announcement, it’s not just the Altar of Rites being added back to D3, but the Visions of Enmity from Season 29 returns as a continuing feature! Patch 2.7.7 will also introduce a round of class balance changes to balance out power creep among certain class/set combinations in the hopes that every set and build strike the middle ground between fun and balanced instead of specific sets feeling essential for progression.

Normally, the PTR blog post would give us a rough cycle to project forward and determine our start date, but with the holidays falling right in the middle of the cycle, we didn’t have our normal transition period. Instead, the announcement blog dropped a week before Season 30’s start date.

  • PTR start — Tuesday, December 5
  • PTR end — Tuesday, December 12
  • Patch 2.7.7 release date — Tuesday, January 9
  • Season 30 start date — Friday, January 12

Season 30 is the first to leverage the new seasonal theme rotation system, bringing back The Lords of Hell and their powerful soul shards to seasonal play, along with the permanent return of the Altar of Rites and Visions of Emnity. Get ready to revisit some truly epic power in Season 30 starting Friday, January 12!

Originally published December 4, 2023, updated January 5, 2024

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