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WoWJan 9, 2024 10:00 am CT

World of Warcraft players can select their favorite Dragonflight tier appearances and set bonuses for Season 4

Dragonflight Season 4 will see the return of the Fated Raids first introduced in Shadowlands. But to determine the appearances and tier set bonuses however the development team has opened up polls for the next week for players to vote for their favorite iteration of the armor as well as class set bonuses on a per-spec basis. To use Hunters as an example, the vote could result in Season 4 tier having the Aberrus appearance, the Season 1 tier set bonus for Marksmanship, the Season 2 tier set bonus for Survival, and the Season 3 tier set bonus for Beast Mastery — although there will likely be tuning done so don’t expect an exact copy of previous tier bonuses.

While not explicitly stated, it likely means that the Season 3 tier set bonuses will “grey out” and become legacy effects on existing gear, a change from Shadowlands where the tier set bonuses from 9.2 remained in effect through Season 4 — although you still wanted to replace your armor with higher ilvl pieces as soon as you were able. It is probable that the drops themselves will retain their original appearance, and those looking to get the winning Season 4 appearances will rely on the Revival Catalyst and tier tokens to do so. It’s unknown whether we’ll get a rotation of Fated Raids in Season 4 or that all raids will be Fated from the start; if the former the non-Fated raids will still likely drop Season 1 through 3 tokens so transmog enthusiasts looking to complete sets shouldn’t be concerned.

The selection of Tier Set bonuses should have some interesting results, with PVE and PVP players likely pulling for different choices. The decision to divide it by spec is a great one as I doubt many classes would have a unanimous first choice for a Tier that makes all specs happy. I’m surprised that the polling will only be open for a week, although this may have been a late idea by the development team. If this method returns in the future — and there’s already reason to believe it will, as the forums have been struggling to deal with the voting demand since this was announced — perhaps then there will be more than seven days to choose.

So be sure to head on over to the forums while you can to vote for Season 4 Tier Sets.

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