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Discussion > WoWJan 9, 2024 8:00 am CT

What are your favorite World Quests or Public Events in Dragonflight?

Just the other day, I tried a World Quest that I had never done before: Sylvan Slalom, on the Emerald Dream. I took a long break from World of Warcraft during the current expansion, Dragonflight, and I only returned relatively recently, so it’s no surprise that amidst all the catching up I have to do, I simply haven’t had time to engage in a lot of World Quests or Public Events that, by this point, aren’t news to most players. So when I did this quest where I went surfing and collecting Faerie Dragons, I was really amused. And it got me thinking about this quest and others I’ve been introduced to recently.

The Emerald Dream zone has a lot of other quests besides the Sylvan Slalom surfing that are fun, or cool, or amusing in some way. Another one that I really enjoyed was Claws for Concern, a very simple quest where all you have to do is save a few Moonkin Hatchlings. However, each hatchling is uniquely named! They’re all actual “characters” in the story, in a sense, and there’s even an achievement called Friends in Feathers if you manage to save them all (which requires you to complete the quest at least three times).

But the Emerald Dream isn’t the only place with cool World Quests or Events in Dragonflight. Time Rifts have also received praise from a lot of players, as have the Community Feasts of the Tuskarr. As for quests, the good old Dragonriding Races ones can be a lot of fun for players that enjoy the thrill of them — and I count myself among those. Whenever I see a nearby Race World Quest, I’m sure to complete it.

What about you? Which World Quests have been your favorites in Dragonflight so far? And what about the World Events? Which ones, if any, are you certain to repeat whenever you see them?

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