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HearthstoneJan 17, 2024 6:00 pm CT

Get the decks you need to win the Great Amalgamation Hearthstone Tavern Brawl

Great scot, Marty! It’s a Pirate. No, wait. It’s a Murloc. No, it’s a Mech. Wrong again, it’s a Demon… or is that a Dragon? It’s all those things and so much more. It’s a Great Amalgamation! I’m not sure which mad scientist from the World of Warcraft is responsible for this monstrosity, but it will be key to you winning this week’s Great Amalgamation Hearthstone Tavern Brawl and opening that sweet Standard pack. 40 Arcane Dust never smelled so… interesting.

The Great Amalgamation Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: The Great Amalgamation
  • Description: What horror has science wrought!? Build a deck, all minions count as Elementals, Mechs, Demons, Murlocs, Dragons, Beasts, Pirates, and Totems!
  • Fun level: 3/10
  • Difficulty: 5-8/10 (depending on the size of your card collection)
  • Replayability: 6/10
  • Format: Wild
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Standard pack. This can contain any card from any set in the current Standard rotation.

This week, you’ll be picking a class and constructing a deck. The format is Wild, which may be a bit more challenging if you have a smaller card collection. There are several essential cards and if you’re missing those, you may find it tough sledding this week.

For this Brawl, all minions count as all Tribes just like they were an Amalgam. Rise of Shadows first introduced to this concept with the appropriately-named Amalgam minion. Since then, Hearthstone added Nightmare Amalgam (The Witchwood), Amalgam of the Deep (Voyage to the Sunken City), Circus Amalgam (Darkmoon Faire), The One Amalgam Band (Festival of Legends), and the Infinite Amalgam (Caverns of Time). You’ll also see Amalgams in Battlegrounds if The Curator is part of the match.

But not all possible minions will be Amalgams: Treants and Silver Hand Recruits are not considered part of any Tribe and are not part of the Amalgamation. Card generators still produce minions native to that Tribe. Your Underbelly Angler is only going to give you Murlocs, and your Netherspite Historian is only going to give you Dragons.

How to win the Great Amalgamation Tavern Brawl

Like most Constructed Brawls, the key to victory is finding a great deck. These Brawls act like a microcosm of a new expansion. In the early hours, there’s a ton of experimentation as players try new ideas and refine them. It’s some of the most fun time in Hearthstone. Over time, players discover the “meta,” the deck (or decks) that are particularly strong given the ruleset. These lists are published on sites like r/Hearthstone (and others) and become dominant. Counter decks rise and you fall into the same sort of meta as you see on the Ladder.

Aggro is the name of the game in this Brawl. That puts a spotlight on the classes that naturally lean into a more aggresive game plan like Death Knight, Demon Hunter, and Hunter. Shamans and Paladins are also good choices. Both classes have a Hero Power that can put an Amalgam on the board. Shaman has a ton of Totem synergy cards while Paladin has more synergy with Murlocs. For…reasons…

With the ruleset in place, Magnetic minions can attach to any minion on the board. Expect to see most decks having Hungry Crabs and Golakka Crawlers. Cards like Patches the Pirate, Gentle Megasaur, Southsea Captain, and Murloc Warleader are also popular choices.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the decks people are trying out. We’ll start with the newest decks using the newest cards. But, since this is Wild Brawl, we’ll also have the decks from the previous iterations of the Brawl if you want to see how those are doing against the newer cards.

Decks for the Great Amalgamation Tavern Brawl

New Decks for January 17, 2024 Brawl

Combo Death Knight by tresser

Deck code:


The combo pieces you need are Old Murk Eye and Dead Air. Get yourself as full of a board as you can using your 0 cost cards. Then drop Old Murk Eye. Since every minion is considered a Murloc, every minion will buff him. Ram him into your opponent’s face. Then cast Dead Air. The spell will consider Old Murk Eye to be Undead and resummon him. Smash him into your opponent’s face again.

Naga Demon Hunter by FardHast

Deck code:


This is a hyper aggressive Demon Hunter deck filled with 0 cost cards. Dump your hand and go full aggro. Demon Hunter has strong card draw, but nevertheless, mulligan hard for Blindeye Sharpshooter. If you’re not familiar with that term, it means that if Blindeye Sharpshooter isn’t in your opening hand, throw all your cards back in hopes of getting it.

Face Hunter by trauthor

Deck code:


This is another aggressive list with a similar game plan to the Demon Hunter above. Demon Hunter typically has stronger card draw than Hunter. This deck employs Starving Buzzard and Messenger Buzzard as it draw engine so be sure to get maximum use out of them.

Aggro Priest by QuestingAdventurerer

Deck code:


Lots of aggressive decks in this Brawl. Play your minions and get a dirt cheap Skycap’n Kragg who can Charrrrrrrrrrrge! Use Mr. Smite to give all your other minions Charrrrrrrge! Go for the face, Boo! Go for the face!

updated Totem Shaman by Ben Hearthstone

Deck code:


Ben loves Totem Shaman for this Brawl. Each time, he seems to make a list even more powerful than the last. Shaman has a ton of Totem synergy minions and everything you play is a Totem!

Zoo Warlock by Frosty-Many-2420

Deck code:


If you’re going to go with a Zoo approach, go with the classic class of Warlock. Southsea Captain will buff ALL your minions. Be sure you use your Youthful Brewmaster on your crabs.

Older Brawl decks

Honor’s Hammer Homebrew Death Knight

Deck code:


This makes use of the Ghoul from the Death Knight Hero Power. You can make him Poisonous, buff him with Tribe specific or use Ini Stormcaller to copy it with Windfury or Divine Shield. This deck might fail spectacularly. If you find success with it, let me know.

Honor’s Hammer Homebrew Colossal Mage

Deck code:


This is centered around using Ini Stormcaller and Gaia, the Techtonic. Since everting will proc Gaia’s AoE, if you drop her while you have some board presence, you can quickly take down your opponent’s board. It should also be easy to meet Kazakusan’s requirement, assuming you can live that long. This deck also might fail spectacularly. If you find success with it, let me know.

Redit user AbnormalConstruct Radar Detector Paladin

Deck code:


This deck combines Radar Detector with Stonehearth Vindicator. Stonehearth makes Radar Detector free, and it pulls anything it finds since everything is a Mech.

Ben Hearhstone’s Updated Totem Shaman

Deck code:


Friend of the site Ben Hearthstone updated his Totem Shaman list and has been having great success with it.

Twitch Streamer Sargent TBag’s Murloc Shaman

Deck code:


Shaman has a ton of Murloc minions and with this Brawl, they can buff your Totems as well.

Elemental Mage

Deck code:

AAEBAf0EBuWyApvTAvbsAu72AqCAA5+3Awy7A9sD5MICzu8CifECzvICpfUC1/4CzIEDyYcD6IkDv6QDAAMage has as many Elemental synergies as Shaman has Totem synergies.

Murloc Paladin

Deck code:


While Paladin goes for Murloc synergy.

Dragon Priest

Deck code:


Priest on the other hand prefers Dragons.


Deck code:


This comes from user YJHS2000 on OutOf.Cards. You want to build a huge board of free minions using all the discount cards and then conceal. Your win condition is Cannon Barrage.

Ben’s Totem Shaman

Deck code:


This one comes from Hearthstone fan Ben Hearthstone. You can follow him on Twitter here. Ben is always talking about Hearthstone and is a great follow. This deck abuses the great Totem synergy Shaman has.

Crabs and Cannon Combo Lock

Deck code:


duppie is a user on the site OutOf.Cards. He’s shared a Warlock deck with a big combo. You play Glinda Crowskin plus Mechwarper plus Ship’s Cannon plus Hungry Crab / Golakka Crawler. Galvanizer makes all your combo pieces that much cheaper. The challenge is staying alive in the very aggressive environment this Brawl created.

Update for January 17, 2024: Mechwarper is banned and this deck no longer works.

Brawl Warrior

Deck code:


Outof.Cards user Jdeg9142 brings us a Pirate Warrior with all the expected crabs and crawlers.

More Great Amalgamation Tavern Brawl deck lists

Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks. There are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. Overall, I like the different synergies in this Brawl. I don’t like how many games are decided during turns 1-4 depending on who drew more of their crabs and crawlers.

If you need a break from your climb this month, give this Brawl a try. Good luck getting this week’s Classic pack! If you’re trying to complete a Tribe-based quest like “Play 12 Beasts” or “Play 12 Dragons”, this Brawl is for you. Every minion you play will count towards the Quest!

Originally published March 8, 2023; updated January 17, 2024

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