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The QueueJan 19, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: In which we have forgotten the meaning of time

Time is weird every week, but there’s just something about Fridays where time is even weirder. We’re on the cusp of something, of escaping the week. But we aren’t quite there yet. Time stretches and compresses at once. It is Friday. It is every day.

Well, let’s get to the Queue before our sense of time collapses completely.


Q4tQ Are there any Stag models that have flight?

We sort of talked about this on the podcast recently… by which I mean we didn’t talk about stags at all but we did talk about flying mounts, and how very many of the mounts we collected do not fly. Like stags. I thought some of the Ardenweald Runestags flew, but I logged on and checked and they don’t seem to (or at least none of the ones I have fly).

So often, we’re in zones where we can fly, and when we are, all we want to do is get to our destination without the need to cut through mobs or around terrain — in short, we want to fly. And yet so many of the game’s mounts are ground mounts, and Blizzard keeps adding more ground mounts all the time. They go into your collections tab never to be seen again.

I’m of the opinion that all mounts should fly. Why not? We live in a world of magic and wonder; why shouldn’t any old wingless mount just be able to leap through the sky? We already have some wingless flying mounts, including one of my favorite mounts Shu-Zen, a dog that doesn’t fly so much as he prances across the sky, with a slight golden glow emanating from his paws. Why couldn’t a Runestag do the same, with a slivery shimmer under its hooves?

In short, we live in a world of fantasy wonder. Let us fly.

Does that answer your question? Erm, not really, but it’s the best I’ve got.


Q4tQ: which is creepier – cute then suddenly scary, or scary then suddenly cute?

Cuteness gets your guard down. Cuteness is disarming. Cute to creepy is always going to get you, and yet somehow you will be remained disarmed by the cuteness even though you know it’s also creepy. That is the mystical (and deadly) power of cute.


Q4TLiz: How goes progression?

We’re doing pretty well! We’re on Heroic Fyrakk and our best pull is 56%. We’re not going to kill him the next time we pull him, but we’re getting pretty close. Still clearing the rest of the raid for gear and crests — Joe still hasn’t gotten Pip’s Emerald Friendship Badge, because there’s always that one piece of gear. I don’t think we’re in any danger of missing Ahead of the Curve this tier, but we aren’t racing to the finish line either. Fyrakk doesn’t feel like a pushover, but he doesn’t feel like an Anduin, either.

How is everyone else doing in Amirdrassil? Finished your goals? Struggling? Nowhere close? Just getting started?

And that’s all for today. Everybody take care of yourselves and I’ll see you in the comment section!

P.s. please tell your dog I said hi and scratch their ears for me, thank you.

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