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Everything you need to know about Season Blessings in Diablo 4 Season 3

It’s time for a new Season in Diablo 4, which means an updated set of Season Blessings to help you through it. These buffs were somewhat difficult to collect in Season 1, being far down the battle pass with high level requirements, but in Season 2 their level requirements were lowered making them much more accessible. In Season 3, Season Blessings follow the same model, so you’ll be able to collect all of them well before level 100, making good use of their bonuses.

But let’s start at the beginning. If you haven’t played Diablo 4 seasons before, Season Blessings are buffs you can buy with Smoldering Ashes, a currency you earn by progressing through the free Battle Pass (and no, paid Battle Passes don’t get any extra Ashes or progress faster). Each Blessing provides a unique buff to your seasonal characters, like increased XP or a chance to get more loot from Helltide chests.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season Blessings in Diablo 4 Season 3.

How to earn Smoldering Ashes to get Season Blessings

In Diablo 4, the Battle Pass is part of each new Season — non-seasonal characters (on the Eternal realm) won’t have access to the Battle Pass or Season Blessings. You can only earn Smoldering Ashes and unlock Season Blessings for your seasonal characters.

When you play a seasonal character, you’ll progress through the Season Journey just by playing the game, earning Favor that progresses you through Battle Pass tiers. You can progress more quickly by focusing on completing specific Season Journey objectives, but really all you have to do is play. Certain Battle Pass tiers will reward Smoldering Ashes. There is no other way to earn Smoldering Ashes: they are only rewarded through the Seasonal Battle Pass.

While there are paid versions of the Battle Pass, Smoldering Ashes are only available on free Battle Pass tiers, so anyone can earn them without paying a dime – and people who do pay won’t get any more than anyone else. Note that the Accelerated Battle Pass, for $25, includes tier skips that let players get through the Battle Pass faster, but it won’t earn Smoldering Ashes any faster, because those unlocks have a level requirement to avoid making Season Blessings a pay-to-win opportunity. No amount of cash will help you earn Season Blessings any faster.

There are a total of 20 Smoldering Ashes available on the Battle Pass, at the following tiers and levels:

  • Tier 8: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 28)
  • Tier 18: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 44)
  • Tier 22: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 49)
  • Tier 28: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 53)
  • Tier 32: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 55)
  • Tier 38: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 58)
  • Tier 48: Two Smoldering Ashes (requires level 63)
  • Tier 52: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 66)
  • Tier 58: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 70)
  • Tier 62: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 72)
  • Tier 68: Two Smoldering Ashes (requires level 74)
  • Tier 72: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 76)
  • Tier 77: Smoldering Ashes (requires level 78)
  • Tier 82: Two Smoldering Ashes (requires level 80)
  • Tier 88: Three Smoldering Ashes (requires level 82)

Blizzard decreased the level requirements to unlock Smoldering Ashes in Season 2, and they’ve kept the lower levels for Season 3, letting you unlock all of the major buffs well before you hit level 100. If you’re looking to rush through the levels, you’ll get your first four smoldering Ashes by level 53 to unlock all four ranks of the Urn of Aggression for a nice XP buff.

What are the Season Blessings in Diablo 4 Season 3?

Season Blessings are buffs for your seasonal characters. Some blessings stay the same season to season — like the Urn of Aggression’s XP buff — but others rotate with season-specific buffs. Here are the Season Blessings for Diablo 4 Season 3:

  • Urn of Aggression: Increases XP earned from monster kills (+5% per rank).
  • Urn of Helltides: Chance to receive an extra equipment item in Helltide chests. The extra item will be Legendary or better (+10% per rank)
  • Urn of Enduring Grace: Boosts the duration of Shrine effects (+15% per rank).
  • Urn of Tuning: Chance to receive an additional Tuning Stone from Wardwoven chests (+10% per rank).
  • Urn of Whispers: Boost the chance to receive a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards (+10% per rank).

Each Blessing has four ranks you can purchase, and they cost one Smoldering Ash each. With 20 total ranks of Blessings to earn and 20 Smoldering Ashes available on the Battle Pass, you can unlock all Season Blessings by completing the Battle Pass, but you’ll want to focus on unlocking the most important Blessings first — likely XP to help you progress through the game.

If you’ve played in any seasons so far, you’ll notice one blessing is missing, the Urn of Prolonging, which increased the duration of Elixirs by up to 60%. That made Elixirs rather set-it-and-forget-it, and its buff will be missed — but I think the new Urn of Whispers is a nice addition to the lineup, awarding more loot for activities we’re already doing. The Urn of Enduring Grace feels like the least valuable to me, though I can see how it could shine situationally: a 60% boost to Shrine duration could make for a speedy dungeon clear if you hit the right Shrine. But some Shrines, like the Shrine of Greed, just aren’t very impressive. I’ll probably pick up this boost last.

Diablo 4 Season 3 is now live, and runs through late January. If you’re eager to try out the latest Season, there’s still plenty of time — so jump in and start earning your Season Blessings.

Originally published July 13, 2023; updated January 23, 2024

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