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Diablo > Diablo 4 > DiscussionJan 23, 2024 8:00 am CT

Diablo 4 keeps getting quality of life improvements, but what other Diablo franchise features would you add to the game?

Diablo 4 is a live service game, meaning it’s getting continually improved (or at least changed) with patch updates. Some of these improvements are big game features, like the new robot pet we’re getting in Season 3 or the Gauntlet leaderboards. But sometimes the additions that really impressed are the little things, the simple conveniences that make your life that much better, like a practice dummy or an improved respec interface. And with a new Diablo 4 patch due out today, that has me wondering: what would D4 be like with some features from past titles to improve the player experience?

There are some big features D4 could pick up. Imagine the Diablo 2 runeword system as temporary armor augments to power up your builds. Alternatively, picture what D4 would be like with the class re-rolling system from Diablo Immortal. That would be a huge, title-altering change — potentially making life easier, but functionally reworking your entire experience. We’re not talking about those — at least, not right now.

Instead, I have three smaller (but no less impactful) changes in mind, from recent experiences in Diablo 3. The biggest quality of life improvement Diablo 4 could take from Diablo 3: the Armory. D3’s Armory is a mechanism for saving gear sets and their associated builds, so you can swap between playstyles. We know an Armory-like option is under consideration for the title’s future, but frankly that’s not coming fast enough. Imagine even the ability to import and export build variations, similar to talent builds in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. I’d be a happy camper.

Next on the list sounds like such a small, simple inclusion: seasonal rebirths. There are comparatively few character slots in D4. I’m playing the same necromancer every season, with occasional alt-attempts of sorceress or Druid sprinkled in. Either way — please bring back seasonal rebirths, Blizzard. [Ed’s note: My character list is already full of Necromancers.]

And the last item is directly influenced by Season 3: pets. I never thought I would miss the cosmetic pets in Diablo 4 but here we are. Diablo 4 has a slew of things to pick up off the ground and no adorable murder gremlin to do it for me. And frankly, D3’s pets are fun to collect and fairly useful even without the Altar of Rites improvements.

There are other systems that would make life easier — these are just a few. And now it’s your turn! What would you like to see come to Diablo 4 to improve your quality of life? Share your ideas in the comments!

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