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The QueueJan 25, 2024 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Repeat to yourself, it’s just a show…

But you don’t have to relax if you don’t want to.

It’s the Queue! Let’s do!


QftQ – I just acquired my ratstallion mount. I did not have to PVP, even though the underbelly is a PVP area. Are there other mounts and mogs in PVP areas that can be acquired without PVP? Thanks again for all the wonderful content.

From what I understand, since the Ratstallion requires you to collect 20,000 Sightless Eyes, you could do it without ever needing to PVP by staying in the parts of Dalaran’s Underbelly that are not PVP flagged. You even linked the Achievement in an image. I’m not sure of any other mount that requires that specific an achievement in a zone that is always PVP, considering how PVP works in most of World of Warcraft now.

I mean, there’s the Bleakhoof Ruinstrider, but that’s from Argus, which would only be a PVP zone if you toggled your War Mode on. The Pureheart Courser requires 100 reputations and you could theoretically get some of those reputations up to Exalted by doing things in a PVP zone while not actually PVPing, like clicking on bonfires or other holiday stuff.

There’s also the Bloodflank Charger aka the Horde Pony and the Ironclad Frostclaw goodest Alliance boy mount, both of which are attainable without any PVP despite being the signature mount type for the opposite faction’s most common racial group. You have to do the various campaigns in Battle for Azeroth to unlock the Achievement Two Sides to Every Tale, but you won’t actually have to do any PVP.


Q4tQ: So, with trolls and draenei getting heritage armor in 10.2.7, does that mean pandaren are the last race to get heritage armor? Or will dracthyr get something different than the set they pick up during the starting zone?

I mean, technically it’s Pandaren and Dracthyr, yeah, but I feel like it’d be weird to do a Heritage Armor quest for Dracthyr considering their lore is a big part of Dragonflight and there’s not much more to say about them right now. As for Pandaren, again, Mists of Pandaria kind of heavily features them and their lore as well, so I’m not sure how that would work.

I’m not saying Pandaren don’t deserve Heritage Armor, I’m just saying we had an entire expansion of Pandaren themed armor and weapons, so it’s not like it’s hard to do an armor look for them right now.


Running DragonSoul over and over is killing my actual soul.


Without knowing why you’re running it — is it for a mount? A transmog look? Masochism? — I really can’t do much but sympathize, sadly. But, as I learned farming for shoulders for years, sometimes these things work out in weird ways and I’m pulling for you to achieve whatever it is you’re doing.


I try not to be that guy. I know it’s just fiction and it really doesn’t matter and writers don’t actually care and they shouldn’t.
But 29 decks? on that? Crew of 800+?
Galaxys had 42 decks. Even Sovereigns had ~25 decks. (there’s some debate, see above Re writers).
Intrepids have a crew compliment of ~150.

The USS Voyager-A was a Lamarr class craft (the ship class named for Hedy Lamarr, the actress and polymath who helped invent frequency hopping technologies we still use today)

It was not an Intrepid class ship, much as the USS Enterprise E was not a Galaxy class ship but rather a Sovereign class, and thus has different specifications than the original USS Voyager had. Just as the USS Defiant we see in the original Star Trek series had different specifications than the USS Defiant we see in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, because those two ships were different ship classes.

The Lamarr class seems to be designed to be a more defensible craft than the original Intrepid class — a roving long range discovery and exploration craft capable of operating for longer periods without returning to a starbase, and I have no idea why Admiral Janeway would have that idea in her head.


I feel like I’m incredibly slow, but it finally clicked for me who, and what, Withers in BG3 actually is.
The hints were there all along, but I just never pieced them together – I guess I genuinely thought that he was just a game mechanic.

I clocked it pretty quickly — I mean, we’re in a temple dedicated to REDACTED when we first meet him and all — but I was still surprised when he pulls the mask back during the Dark Urge story conclusion.

Also, a lot of you talked about dumping your romantic partners for Karlach, and while I also think Karlach is an awesome character, I didn’t ultimately romance anyone on my own really progressed character. I kind of felt like I had a lot going on, between the tadpole in my head, the whole I want to murder people randomly and I don’t know why deal, and the rest of it all. Wasn’t really time for love, Doctor Jones.

Okay, that was the Queue that was. Next week will be the Queue that will be.

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