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Where to get all of the Governing Stones and Tuning Stones in Diablo 4 Season 3

Diablo 4 Season 3, you need Governing Stones and Tuning Stones to customize the abilities of your Seneschal Companion, the robotic construct that accompanies you throughout the season. While you can also upgrade your little buddy with specific construct XP you gain throughout the Season, Governing Stones set the abilities your Seneschal Companion can use, and Tuning Stones buff those abilities in unique ways.

Getting the right combinations of these stones — your construct buddy can equip two Governing Stones and use three Tuning Stones to modify each Governing Stone, for a total of six Tuning Stones — helps you build your construct for different roles like a pocket healer, DPS support, or crowd control/tanking buddy. But even once you get these stones you want, you have to upgrade them to maximize their usefulness: each Governing and Tuning Stone has ten ranks, and you need to collect a new stone of the same type to earn each rank.

So the question becomes: how do you collect the Governing Stones and Tuning Stones that you want?  Unfortunately, for most of them the answer comes down to RNG, and you have to keep collecting random stones until you get the ones you need. But there are ways to improve your odds to get the right Governing and Tuning Stones for your robot scorpion buddy.

Here’s what you need to know about collecting Governing Stones and Tuning Stones in Diablo 4 Season 3.

How to get Governing and Tuning Stones

There are lots of ways to earn these stones, and they all involve engaging in seasonal content.

  • Complete the seasonal questline. As you progress through the Season 3 quests, you’ll earn Governing and Tuning Stones as quest rewards. It’s the best way to get started, because it will unlock all of the season’s features as you go.
  • Fight Herald of Malphas. Arcane Tremors are events in the open world (marked on the map with the seasonal leaf icon) which reward you with Governing or a Tuning Stone, and you’ll get plenty of Shattered Stone as you kill constructs along the way. Close Obelisks in the area and use the Shattered Stone at Voltaic Braziers to summon the Herald of Malphas. He’ll drop random Governing and Tuning and has a chance to drop Igneous Cores which are used to summon Echo of Malphas on higher difficulties.
  • Craft an Uncertain Seneschal Stone Cache. The Jeweler can now craft a random selection of stones for the cost of 200 Shattered Stone (collected from killing constructs) and 20 Iron Chunks. These caches contain two random Governing or Tuning Stones, serving as a kind of bad luck protection. If you find a stone’ve already maxed out, you’ll get 150-200 Shattered Stone instead, so you can almost immediately craft another cache.
  • Complete Whispers. Governing Stones and Tuning Stones can both drop from Whisper Caches rewarded by the Tree of Whispers.
  • Complete Vaults. Not only are Vaults — and higher level Nightmare Vaults — a great source of Shattered Stone, but at the end you’ll earn a random Tuning Stone. And if you can open the Wardwoven Chests at the end of the Vault by having enough stacks of Zoltun’s Warding, you’ll get additional stones.
  • Fight Son of Malphas, a hard boss who can appear during Nightmare Vaults, will drop a random assortment of Governing and Tuning Stones — usually one or two Governing and three Tuning. Son of Malphas can also spawn at the same time as the Butcher, just as a head’s up. And while you’re most likely to find him in Nightmare Vaults, Son of Malphas can occasionally spawn in the open world around Arcane Fissures.
  • Fight Echo of Malphas. Season 3 has two unique Tuning Stones, Genesis and Evernight, that you can only get by defeating Echo of Malphas in World Tier 4. They have a low 0.5% drop rate, but they drop at max level so at least you don’t have to get ten of them. Either way, get ready for a whole lot of grinding to collect these rare Tuning Stones.

Hopefully this helps you find the Stones you need in Season 3.

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